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December 09, 2019

Rise of Civilizations let player taking the reins of a burgeoning empire

It’s natural to assume that small screens mean small games. While PC gamers get huge, epic, sprawling experiences like Civilization, mobile gamers get slick and superficial strategy titles like Clash Royale. Rise of Civilisations drives an armored chariot through this outdated model. It may take place on the small screen, but its scope is seemingly boundless.

Rise of Civilizations sees you taking the reins of a burgeoning empire, giving you the choice of Rome, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan and Korea. You start with a modest walled city with very little in it, but as you upgrade your City Hall and the buildings around it you unlock more building types. Upgrading these lets you upgrade your City Hall in turn, making more building types available, and so on.
Eventually you’ll have a farm, an archery range, a workshop, a barracks, a lumber mill, an academy, and many more buildings besides. Between them they keep your people sheltered, fed, trained, educated, armed, healthy, safe, and prosperous. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Rise of Kingdoms Resources For Sale.

Upgrading buildings takes time, but you can speed up the process with consumable cards. You have to exercise a little bit of restraint with these, since you don’t have an unlimited supply, but you have enough that you can expedite a few building, training, and research periods per session, allowing you to get some good progress out of a quick game. Of course, this just covers the very basics of attending to your own city. Zoom out and you’ll discover a staggeringly huge game world. Your city is just a tiny dot in a vast region, which itself just one of nine regions, separated by mountain ranges and accessible through pathways that you need to find with your scouts.

Rise of Civilizations also has its own exhaustive alliance system, complete with messaging. Joining an alliance gives you access to communal assets such as research, alliance gifts, and earnings from resources. It also lets you call on alliance members for assistance in completing research, building, and training projects in your city. Naturally, you can help the alliance too, by pledging your troops in wars, contributing to research costs, and so on.