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November 14, 2017

The second season of “NBA LIVE” debut, toward the championship

NBA New Ball season kicked off EA America’s EA mobile basketball game is renamed “NBA LIVE” and launched a new Season 2 game update “bearded” James Harden boarded the cover star. From now on you can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play. Experience the latest team lineup coach and bench player features player training system and update interface since the start of the season create a fantastic lineup and build a team understanding towards championship.

The second quarter of the “NBA LIVE” cover star just started the NBA to reproduce the style of the previous quarter Almighty paid the audience 27 points 10 rebounds and 11 assists won the season’s first three yuan with gorgeous James Harden European bearded “bearded man”. Not only does the game continue with the Street Courts courtesy of Summer Courts allowing players to continue their journey to the ground while also launching many new features:

Roster Update which Reflects Actual NBA Occasions: A list of players in the game that will synchronize the real-world 2017-18 NBA team’s latest squad player deals player retirement updates and gameplay experience for players More realistic.

Player Training System: This is the second quarter of new features. Compared with the first season players must recruit new players (collect new player card) in order to enhance the team’s combat effectiveness the second quarter can be through the gradual training of existing players improve their skills and rankings thereby enhancing the team’s ability.
Coach and Bench Players as Additional Elements: This is the second quarter of new features. For example a player who has 4 “ball” attributes for the player and a “ball” -style coach adds to the overall speed of the team and three Points shooting basket will be added by 4 points; players with different attributes by the players and coaches with a more strategic play this mechanism may also be the key countdown seconds an important factor in determining the outcome.
AI Improvements: Both artificial intelligence and the CPU will be upgraded at the same time. Some basic actions such as dribbling and shooting will significantly improve. Players can master the rhythm of the course and experience the real game as a simple game The sense of excitement
Add “Reputation”: In addition to the existing NBA Cash and NBA Coin players will be able to enhance their squad with new “reputations” Obtained after the match.

UI Changes: The menu icons will be displayed intuitively on the dashboard.

Various game modes (Battle Season League etc.) will be gradually unlocked depending on the player level. Players must reach level 2 in order to participate in the season to reach 10 in order to participate in league games.

In addition the season score (Season Score) is also the official settlement. While bench players and NBA Coin will all be zero 25 of MY TEAM’s five starting lineups (bi-directional ball defensive long shot and high marksman) Used in Legacy Live Events; All previously owned NBA Cash as well as Tickets in exchange for Ball Rating (OVR) Level Sets Can be used in the second quarter of “NBA LIVE”.

“NBA LIVE” is a smart phone game loved by basketball fans around the world. It includes all active players in 30 NBA teams and many legendary players in history. The updated version is now available on App Store and Google Play Double Platform free download. Come and enjoy the new features in the second quarter play more realistic and more fun basketball game!

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