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July 27, 2015

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a big part of the EA Sports portfolio

As both a football fan and a gamer, the final days of summer are signaled by a couple of things: a new season of English Premier League, and another edition of EA Sports FIFA 16. Unfortunately, both of these things can lead to a surprisingly amount of heartbreak, but while the actual football season is still young, we can take a look at FIFA’s first-ever built for next gen edition in FIFA 16. I get the same feeling the week a new FIFA is due to be released. Hoping all the changes that have been made will make for a better game overall. Looking forward to once again building my FIFA 16 Ultimate team from scratch and getting frustrated as I open every gold pack hoping to get Messi but end up with someone useless like Joey Barton.


All the modes in FIFA 16 have been retained, with even more emphasis on the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team than ever, with a hefty chunk of the achievements being attained there, leaving the classic career mode a little in the cold. Turning to the gameplay, EA Sports have further developed the realism of the game amazingly well. The improvements to ball physics of fifa 16 are felt most notably when sprinting, as you can alter direction at speed with the confidence that the ball will follow you closely, rather than a few feet in front of you leaving you open for an easy tackle.


Whether you call it soccer or football, you’ll call this version of it incredible. For the first time ever, fifa players have memories and will adjust their tactics and show emotion based on what’s happening in the match. Playing surfaces wear down as the match progresses, with boot marks, slide tackles, and debris visible on the pitch. Improved commentary will highlight unique fan reactions, while chants and behaviors will be relevant to country or even your club. If you love soccer, you’ll love playing FIFA 16 Coins For Sale.


FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a massively popular app on the Android and iOS platforms and a big part of the EA Sports portfolio. However, we’ve been documenting problems with the app for several months now, and every time an update appears we are hoping for fixes. It’s clear to us that FIFA 16 UT user frustration over these issues is growing, and it’s pretty shocking that a company the size of EA Sports hasn’t managed to smooth out all the glitches with the game so far. Tonight South Africa celebrates the launch of FIFA 16 with 30 fans, local celebrities like Jack Parrow and of course, the Xbox One. We will also stream the event live from the MCave. The stream will go live at 18:00 and will include views of the crowd, the tournament as well as first time hands on footage with FIFA 16. There also be interviews with celebrity captains and players alike.


This is the first version of FIFA I’ve ever played. Embarrassing, I know, but it gave me an interest vantage point as a reviewer. Among all the sports games on the market today, FIFA may be the most beginner friendly. Are you going to pick up the controller and blow out a vet who has been playing the franchise since FIFA 95? No, but the basics are a breeze to pick up, and you’ll be working from one end of the pitch to the other with ease by the end of the first half (corners and PKs take a bit longer, however). It’s hard to say that about basketball, football and hockey games.


It surely seems like FIFA 16’s a horrible experience but it’s really not all bad. There’s a good football game underneath all of this as the game’s still shines with your pals. It’s exponentially better when you play like gentlemen and don’t abuse fast players, OP shots or the kickoff exploit: commonplace practices in online matches with randoms. There’s hope for eventual patches ironing out the problems on the pitch. Then again we’ve seen this same song and dance annually and there’s only so much sliders can do to make the game feel “right.”


EA have made a big noise about their new Intelligent Next Gen Goalkeepers. They are much better at making reaction saves. They tend to pull off more spectacular saves too, as well as commanding their area from crosses and corners better. However, this seems to have come with a trade off, they are much easier to beat at their near post. Overall though, definitely an improvement. “Playing at the start is always important. You want to get a feel for the game as early as possible and then start playing seriously. Throughout the year, I don’t usually play that often, but at the start I play a lot. I’ll be aiming for around 2-3 hours a day and that should have me prepared within around a week.”