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August 17, 2021

Slide or Dive is incredibly simple in MLB The Show 21

If you’re playing a game mode like Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21, there aren’t exactly a ton of chances to practice. You’re only playing one character after all. That doesn’t leave you with a ton of room for mistakes and learning experiences. In your first few games you may find yourself wondering how to dive for a ball that’s almost within reach or jump for something that’s about to go over your head. In this guide, we’ll explain how to do both and what settings you can alter to make it much easier.

MLB The Show 21 sliding controls: How to slide or dive to a base
When running bases in MLB The Show, you’ll want to keep an eye on the fielders and the potential for them to make a play. If it looks like it could be close, it’s time to slide or dive to the base.

As your player’s approaching the base you want to slide to, hold down the L1 on the PlayStation controller. For the Xbox controller, hold down the LB. You’ll use the right stick for a headfirst dive or feet-first slide.

Need to do a headfirst dive? As you’re holding the L1 or LB down on your controller, tilt the controller’s right stick up. For a feet-first slide, tilt the right stick down.

Sliding in baseball has been done for ages and being able to pull it off will excite you every time you do it, make sure that you time your runs perfectly and then dive in at the very last moment so that you can be safe. Diving early will result in you not being able to reach the base.

Sliding in the game will surely save you a lot but at the same time, if you manage to steal bases at the right time, you can score a lot of runs this way.

MLB The Show 21: How to Dive
With respect to diving, this special action is performed by pressing R2/RT when running to catch a ball. As many players are sure to expect, the direction of the dive is determined by the direction of the run, and precision with the left analogue stick is key. Indeed, fans that are not careful with their movement may find that their ballplayers in MLB The Show 21 are diving the wrong way and that they would have been better off not pressing the input in the first place.

It’s worth noting that unless you’re playing on competitive, anyone in the infield will automatically dive or jump as needed. You can turn this off, of course, but the developers have it on by default. Likely in an attempt to make an incredibly difficult situation easier. It’s hard enough reacting in time, let alone worrying about jumping or diving on top of positioning. So if you’ve been unable to figure out why you can’t get your character to jump or dive while they’re in the infield, this is likely the culprit. Turn it off if you want a more accurate experience.

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