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September 03, 2021

Flyff Legacy with the unique feature of flying freely in the sky

Flyff : Legacy Legend, a mobile game in MMORPG style, is based on the old PC online games like Flyff or Fly For Fun, with the unique feature of flying freely in the sky. By coming back this time, it will move from the computer screen to the mobile screen. Along with travel stories and new content added, waiting for friends to come in and experience the journey together again !!

Players start by selecting one of three gender-locked character classes: Mercenary (M), Acrobat (F), or Magician (F). Each class has unique abilities and skills that are activated by tapping. Every 100 levels, characters can be reincarnated, to become stronger by expanding their level cap. Gain experience by completing main story quests and NPC quests.

The Flyff Legacy game doesn’t reference or sync any data with the main Flyff Online game. will ask to write like a normal game which as far as I try to play it It gives a feeling like a normal leveling game. But its advantage is that It works out perfectly.

Prepare to get immersed in a stunning MMO RPG world of magic!
Enjoy a true real-time massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) experience with open maps, dungeons, pvp, pets, avatars, crafting & more!
Savor a MMORPG gameplay injected with action-packed combat and stunning skills as you hack and slash your enemies.

Flyff Legacy Key Features:

Three Classes – choose to play as a Mercenary, Magician, or Acrobat, each with unique abilities and skills.
Rebirth – use a reincarnation system that level breaks characters.
Dungeons – take on different dungeons to acquire rare loot and experience.
Walk, Ride, or Fly – travel by foot, mount, or simply fly on a broomstick to explore the game world.
Guilds and PvP – join a guild to make new friends and fight in various PvP modes.

Although many things may not be the same But this version of the game still has some advantages like the dungeon system I described earlier. With most of the mobile MMORPG games Games tend not to have a social system. Focus on playing alone until Welton or stop playing at all. That makes in this game a distinctive feature of allowing players to approach each other.

But the highlight of this game is that More spectacular effects of the game The game is already on mobile. It must present simple graphics. The graphics of this game are taken from the original game. It makes the character image look very ordinary and cylindrical. But the game is replaced by a skill effect that is full of light and sound until the character is a good superhuman. It can be said that this skill effect is full. Plus, almost every skill is a group attack. This means that in this game the player will be able to attack at once and hit multiple enemies.

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