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December 30, 2015

Best low rated teams to manage in career mode

Each Sunday I examine a different team in detail and look at why they’re a good team for FIFA 16’s career mode. If you want to start at the bottom and build a team for the future, there are few better options. First you should consider of is choose a optimal lineup. Our projected optimal lineup will give you an idea of what the best lineup might look like for today’s daily fantasy games.  FIFA ultimate team points account Where the projected optimal lineup comes from? we run a randomization algorithm with high-order iterations to determine which player combination is projected to score the most points for each DFS site’s unique pricing and scoring systems.

How to use our projected optimal lineup? The first is to find opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them. The second is to find their strengths and try to withstand against their fury. The team is nearly perfect in the game. Still, like any team they have their weaknesses. The first deficiency is at right back. Most people will play Carvajal at the right back position. He is the weakest link in their starting line up. So pair him against a really solid attacker along the wing like Neymar or Iniesta. Another weakness can be exposed by looking at their formation. If you want to gain an advantage over any formation, then you really should order the FIFA 16 Guide. The strategies in this year’s guide are “pure gold”. If you want to build more lineups based on players you see above, be sure to check out automated Lineup Builder .a

It might seem arbitrary but for many the first FIFA 16 Career Mode save will be the most significant, it will usually be the one that actually catches your imagination and the one that the most time sinks into. Add on the fact the initial selection could be among the very most significant as well as that returning FIFA players will receive a transport budget increase you make. We have attempted to get a balance between teams with lots of possibility having a good infrastructure and teams. We have usually stayed away from teams that may need too much work but there are two or one in there that’ll keep you playing for quite a while. Here are the 8 teams you must play with in FIFA 16 Career Mode.

Since this year’s game is the toughest in quite some time, users of all skill levels need to master No Touch Dribbling and Passing With Purpose, otherwise they’ll watch their opponents dance around their players en route to scoring goals. With this in mind, you’ll stand a much better chance if you select one of the following teams, all of which come packed a handful of superstars possessing excellent ratings. If you want to achieve promotion and then survive in League 1, you’ll need a creative central midfielder who can create opportunities for your forwards on a regular basis. His key stats are his passing and vision, so he will fulfill that role excellently.

It’s difficult to get a cheap goalkeeper who matches that description, FIFA 16 coins  so I recommend you loan in a player first and then get a free keeper in January. Loan players are back in this year’s game in the Ultimate Team mode. They don’t cost you any coins but are only available for a limited period of time. Since no contract renewal is possible, you should save these players for the special occasions when you really need them. For example, you can make the most of them in the important matches in a tournament. If the loan period is expired, they will leave your team. Loan players are not to be found in the transfer market. You need to unlock them in the EA Football Club. The higher your level is, the better loan players you can have. However, please note that the rare gold players can’t be on loan for too long. The lower the level of the player is, the longer he can be on loan. What’s great about him is he’s a very well-rounded keeper, equally adept at making quick reflex saves as he is at keeping hold of the ball. He’s a safe pair of hands and will provide an instant boost for the season.

December 25, 2015

What is new of the FIFA ultimate team?

FUT is a new way to play FIFA games! Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a tournament to win coins, packs, and more. Test your team building skills and pick the best player for each position from a five player draw. Make key choices based on player quality or team Chemistry. Earn bigger match prizes as you progress – win all four games in a row to earn the best rewards! Do you want to know about other advantages in FUT? Then we will tell you about the new features of FUT.

Ratings are not final
The new Friendly Seasons mode lets you challenge your friends in a 1 v 1 version of the fan favorite Seasons format and track your stats. Win seasons to earn the current title holder position and the bragging rights that come with it!image.img

New Base Attribute
PHY, which stands for “Physical”, is the new sixth base attribute in FIFA 16 that will be featured on FUT player items. It is a measure of key physical traits such as Strength, Stamina, and Jumping. PHY is important to FIFA 16 and FUT because it will help you determine a player’s ability to win physical battles across the pitch. Although Heading was a great attribute to judge players by, PHY will have a more significant impact during a match. By paying attention to the players’ PHY attribute you’ll be better prepared to build your dream team in FUT 16 and beyond. Also the new broadcast presentation is important.  FUT coins for ps4. Your FUT Club is the star of the show! FIFA 16 Ultimate Team’s new broadcast presentation puts your Club at center stage. Commentators will acknowledge your Club’s stats and milestones while your player items appear during the in-game broadcast graphics.

Players anticipate passes and move to shut down options and close passing channels. Smarter teammates will look for space and allow more opportunities to build play through the midfield. A revolution is in passing. FUT lets you play sharp, incisive passes so you can find teammates with precision. Using a new mechanic, ping driven ground passes to find teammates in tight spaces to open up your attacking options.

Fans now have more choices than ever when it comes to playing  on their phone or tablet.  FIFA points account  The new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team formerly announced as EA SPORTS FIFA, and the updated FIFA 15 Ultimate Team New Season are both available in the App Store SM and on Google Play TM. Choose the game that best suits your mobile device and enjoy FIFA at your fingertips.

The newest addition to the franchise, FIFA 16 UT features stunning, console-quality, game play that fully harnesses the power of the latest mobile devices and Ultimate Team that’s been optimized for the mobile platform. Fans will enjoy updated star heads, new player models, new skill moves and, for the first time on mobile, player celebrations. Player Exchange, a brand new

December 24, 2015

Would you like to better operate fifa16 games?

FIFA 16 and FIFA 15 were made by EA sports .And launched in 2016 and 2015 respectively. Although the principle of the games is similar, but the basis of the FIFA 16 and FIFA 15 has a big improvement. Including the clarity of the picture, as well as the level of the game process, let us know the difference between FIFA 15 and FIFA 16?

You can play FIFA 16 now on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC with the FIFA 16 demo to see how it compares to your experience with FIFA 15. If you own the Xbox One you can play the full version with EA Access for $5 a month or $30 a year. FIFA points account  The FIFA 16 release date is September 22nd in the U.S. and Canada. The FIFA 16 release date is Friday September 25th in the UK and other countries. FIFA 16 deal for users who want a FIFA 15 trade-in bonus in value. Combined with rewards and other offers it is possible to upgrade to FIFA 16 for $20 or less.
There are FIFA 16 VS FIFA 15 graphical upgrades that are very clear in replays, with improved player likeness. During game play FIFA 16 graphics do look better than FIFA 15, but the biggest changes are in the real game play. Gamers who want to play a smarter game of soccer will appreciate what FIFA 16 brings to the table. It may not be a perfect soccer game, but there are changes from FIFA 15 that I appreciate and I think you will too.

Here are a lot of new FIFA 16 controls and features that you need to learn how to use. FUT coins for ps4 .Additionally if you aren’t a master of FIFA 15, you still have a lot to learn about playing FIFA 16 to your full potential. On both PS4 and Xbox One I played with the new FIFA 16 trainer turned on. Instead of working through drills and trying to remember how to do something later in a real game, the trainer is always there. my player give me tips While playing FIFA 16 and using new FIFA 16 pass controls to becoming a better defender and more. Buy FIFA coins online.Play the FIFA 16 game will start to tell you new features so that you now know to use the features. This is an essential upgrade that is making me a better FIFA 16 player. You can turn this off if you find it distracting

The most important is you have to be confident and bring fun and really want to play good games , I believe that even a real football player is holding the determination to win competition. So I think competition and games have their same place, that is, you have to put your passion and faith in it. Believe that you are the stars of game player in the future.