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March 03, 2023

Where To Find Lightstone And Mirrorstone In Wild Hearts


Each weapon in Wild Hearts includes a lengthy upgrade path, as is common in modern video games. To upgrade your Wild Hearts weapon, you’ll need components from the Kemono you kill as well as a few other materials and ores. In the early stages of Wild Hearts, players require two ores in order to build and upgrade weapons: Lightstone and Mirror Stone. Players can locate these two ores in Wild Hearts by using this method. Also, players must have enough Wild Hearts Accounts prepared for the game.


Where to find Lightstones in Wild Hearts

Kwang Stone, like Mirror Stone, is restrained by how the plot develops. If the player stays focused on the main objective, he will get to the part where Uji begins to discuss the winter house fortification. Gamers will initially travel to Natsukodachi Isle with an elderly samurai, where they will learn that the otherwise tranquil island has been frozen by a death hunter, one of the deadliest kemonos in Wild Hearts. This will result in an occasion that allows players access to the Fuyufusagi Fortress.


Light Stones can be found in the vicinity of Fuyufusagi Fortress. Similar to the Mirror Stone found in Akikure Canyon, this precious substance is an upgrade stone particular to the area.


Moreover, these stones can be discovered near the base of stony cliffs and ledges, frequently partially hidden by snow. A darker stone surrounds the deep orange core, which has an amber-like tint. There are plenty of resources in the area for those who want to collect multiple Lightstones.


Where to find Mirror Stones in Wild Hearts

Mirror Stones may first come to the attention of players when they examine the criteria for upgrading a number of Wild Hearts’ weapons. Even though they are a prerequisite for mid-tier improvements, players won’t come across them during Azuma’s early explorations.


The fight with the Earthbreaker kemono must come later, in Chapter 2. After it is finished, the primary plot will direct Hunters to Akikure Canyon, the third significant region of Wild Hearts. Similar to the bluestones on Xiazili Island, mirror stones can also be found on cliff faces and rock walls. They are distinguishable by having a central center of golden crystals around by dark rocks.


Mirrorstones are not very difficult to locate, but in order to find them in significant numbers, players must scour the area. It simply waits till Chapter 2 of the narrative is reached. Mirrorstones should be easy to come by during even the most rudimentary investigation.


Collecting each colored node in the area we indicated above is the first step in efficiently farming some ore. There is an easier method to automate the entire ore gathering procedure if you don’t want to do that.


You must construct the Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon karakuri in Fuyufusagai Fortress and Akikure Canyon in order to automate the procedure. After putting them in your camp or dragon pit, you can go back and grab five ores nearby by stopping by them occasionally.


There are other kinds of ores as well, so you won’t always receive Lightstone and Mirror Stone. However it’s possible to obtain these ores given that Brightstone and Mirrorstone are present nearby. Also, the game allows you to prepare adequate Wild Hearts Standard Edition.

March 01, 2023

Where to Find and Catch the Giant Purple Toad in Hogwarts Legacy

maxresdefault (2)

One of the 13 magical monsters that players can locate and seize in the Hogwarts Legacy is the Huge Purple Toad. On the game map, their lairs can be located in a number of places, mostly close to wetlands and bodies of water. We’ll cover all the essential details about huge purple toads in our Hogwarts Heritage wiki guide, including their general characteristics, where to seek for them, and what a shiny giant purple toad looks like. In order to succeed in the game, players must have enough Hogwarts Legacy Data Boosting.

Hogwarts Heritage Giant Purple Toad Location

The enormous purple toad may be discovered in Aranshire, off the coast beside the railroad tracks in Hogwarts Heritage, east of the castle. Fast travel to the nearby Floo Flame to get here. Once you reach a waterfall, grab your broomstick and follow the railroad north.


You will certainly need a grab bag if you want to catch one of these monsters. Also suggested are spells like Levioso and Arresto Momentum, which can keep toads from running away from you long enough for you to catch them.


Find the Giant Purple Toad

In order to finish Professor Howin’s quest, players must scavenge the Hogwarts Legacy universe for Diricawl and the enormous purple toad. When the aforementioned monsters are located, players must use the Nab-Sack to capture them in order to deliver them to the Room of Need.


Giant Purple Toads have nests all throughout the world, although players might find it simpler to look for the nest that is most convenient for them. Hence, if players wish to locate a lair for the gigantic purple toad, they only need to hop on a broomstick and ride a little ways north of Hogsmeade to the Northfoot Marsh.


As the player arrives to this site, they will come upon a number of enormous purple toads, but it will be difficult to catch them because most of the creatures in Hogwarts Legacy run away when approached. In certain situations, sneaking up on them may be necessary. Use the Neutralization Charm first, then perform spells like Arresto Momentum or Levioso to hold the enormous purple toad in position as you creep up on it.


The Nab-Sack should be activated when players believe they have enough time to capture the enormous purple toad. If successful, they’ll be able to capture a massive purple toad. To be able to breed both creatures in the House of Requirement, a huge purple toad of a different sex must be captured before leaving this location. To assist in locating and capturing enormous purple toads, players can use the Hogwarts Legacy Boosting Service at a low cost in-game.

February 22, 2023

Reasons to Enjoy Diamond Art Painting Kits in Your Free Time


Doing diamond art paintings in various styles during leisure time might be more interesting for anyone looking to take up a new pastime of arts and crafts projects. Anybody looking for a creative way to pass their leisure time would enjoy this pastime. You already know how much fun diamond painting can be if you’ve begun or finished a project. You will be astounded by how wonderful it can be to produce something beautiful with your own hands if you are ready to put in the time to practice diamond painting. You may purchase Cheap Diamond Art Kits directly from the app store. Diamond painting is the ideal approach to relieve tension.


Reduce stress and relax

After a long day or a demanding week, everyone is stressed out and needs a way to relax. Diamond art may take away sadness, worry, and even reduce rage by fostering a calm and serene environment, in addition to being an excellent technique to lessen stress and anxiety. Choose a contemplative art diamond painting kit with tranquil visuals to get the most out of it and fully immerse yourself in the experience.


Improves concentration and fine motor skills

These days, we’re all addicted to our phones, games, browsing through Facebook or Instagram, and engaging in too much of these activities harms our health and interferes with our ability to fall asleep at night. It appears that all of these behaviors are connected to our anxiety and stress issues. Our muscle memory and motor abilities are improved by the repetitive motions we make while painting with diamonds. Thus, pick up your preferred diamond painting set and begin laying back as you arrange each diamond on the canvas.


Inspire creativity

Diamond painting is a fun DIY activity that will keep your creative juices running. We engage in creative stimulation by using the right hemisphere of the brain, which is connected to our imagination, intuition, and artistic expression. To fully profit from this art, just make sure you frequently practice it.


Enhance artistic confidence

Some of us misdefine what it means to be “creative.” Yet, Diamond Painting offers straightforward, step-by-step lessons that will quickly have you feeling like a true artist. They are advised for all ages and skill levels because they are so simple to use. For children and even elderly, there are junior diamond painting kits available. There is a genuine sense of pride and success when you realize that you have produced a work of art. Not to mention that it can be framed and displayed on the wall for the enjoyment of family, friends, and visitors.


By engaging in enjoyable activities, you can not only escape boredom but also boost your creativity and vitality, which will make you more enthusiastic and satisfied with life. At, you can also purchase gorgeous Diamond Painting for Sale.

February 15, 2023

How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

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Players can find several entertaining Easter eggs and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy by merely exploring the game’s titular castle, Hogsmeade, and the global map. The clock tower problem is one of them, where the player must use various spells to shift objects into the proper place. The Hogwarts Legacy clock tower puzzle can be solved with the aid of this tutorial, but players will also need to purchase enough Hogwarts Legacy Accounts to do so.

How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

You must go to a particular location in the castle in order to locate the clock tower puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. Clock Tower Court is the Floo fire spot that is most nearby to the room. From the courtyard, ascend the first flight of stairs on your right until you reach a little hallway that leads to the chorus chamber. You may get to the clock tower by going to the back of the chamber and climbing the wooden stairs.


You can try to work around it using the Accio, but the Wingardium Leviosa Charm makes it much easier because it allows you to precisely control the height, distance, and rotation of anything you’re levitating.


You must complete more main quests before enrolling in Garlick’s first herbalism class in order to learn this skill. She will then give you a task to test mandrakes and poison tentacles in battle.


Return to class after finishing your assignment so that she may show you how to utilize the advanced levitation spell. For information on how to obtain both plants, see this page.


Cast a spell on both clocks while returning to the clock tower. The first bell is located directly above the first set of stairs, and the second bell is tucked away in a corner directly below the second set of stairs. Use Revelio to highlight them in blue if you are having problems finding them.


Place the first bell adjacent to the biggest one in the lower row. The second can be positioned all the way to the left in the row above. Look up at the top of the clock tower because you are already inside. A little chest and a toad statue can be found on the balcony, and the toad statue will teleport you to the balcony of another tower where a legendary treasure is.


That is all there is to know about how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy clock tower problem. To assist with the clock tower challenge and other in-game riddles, players can purchase enough Hogwarts Legacy Accounts in the game.

February 10, 2023

How to Get Dugbog Tongues in Hogwarts Legacy


One of the three components required to make the Focus Potion in the Room of Requirement is a dugbog tongue, which is difficult to locate in Hogwarts Legacy. In order to create the necessary potion, which allows the player to substantially shorten the cooldown of all spells for a finite period of time, this item must be combined with Lacewing Flies and Weed Stalks. Players will learn how to obtain dugbog tongues in Hogwarts Legacy with this guide. In order to obtain Dugbog Tongues, players must also purchase an inexpensive Hogwarts Legacy Account.


What are Dugbog Tongues in Hogwarts Legacy?


In the Hogwarts Legacy universe, there is a thing called the Dugbog Tongue. Focus potions that provide players an advantage in fights, riddles, and other tasks are made with it. You need to have the correct components and the right knowledge to brew these potions. Focus Potions require Fluxweed Stem, Leaping Toadstool Caps, Troll Bogeys, Lacewing Flies, and, of course, Dugbog Tongue as ingredients.


Where can I find a Dugbog Tongue in Hogwarts Legacy?

Fighting Dugbog foes, which are frequently encountered in marshy places like the map’s South Sea Bog, is the only way for gamers to amass Dugbog Tongues. The other two ingredients for the focus potion can either be acquired in the world through bushes or purchased from the aforementioned shop, making it a fairly dangerous item for players to find even though it’s not necessarily the rare treasure that drops from these enemy kinds. One of the more uncommon enemy kinds faced during the main quest, dugbogs can be difficult for the player who is not ready.


In Hogwarts Legacy, the shrubs around the wetlands where Dugbogs reside may give birth to a few lacewings, but the foes that players seek out are more elusive because they occasionally pounce without warning. Dugbos, which occur in two varieties—the less uncommon Cottongrass Dugbog and the larger Great Spined Dugbog—are sometimes spotted in bunches to occupy players during combat. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are plenty of opportunities for players to get Dag’s Swamp Tongue, providing their spellcasting can defeat the threat posed by these overgrown toads.


It can be difficult to locate a Dugbog Tongue in Hogwarts Legacy. However, you can locate them if you employ the proper approach, travel to the appropriate locations, and have a sufficient number of Hogwarts Legacy Accounts.