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November 21, 2017

Madden NFL 18: Tips for Longshot, Ultimate Team and Franchise


Whether quick play, franchise or campaign: Madden 18 makes every football fan happy. In our video we introduce MUT, Campaign and the franchise mode and finally reveal tips that always work.

Whoever sits in front of a football game and explains to his friends at every intermission exactly what the coach could have done better, needs Madden 18. Thanks to the different modes, football fans get exactly what they want from a sports game.

Gameplay with a lot of arrows
Accordingly, Madden 18 is not a purely action-oriented game like FIFA 18, but requires a bit more thought and brains. With every turn pausing and alternative tactics outweighed each other, you can almost talk about turn-based strategy.

Of course, the Line of Scrimmage is still very much in the game. All the more important that you know what you are doing at Madden 18. But do not worry, if you have not seen more than a few games on TV so far, Madden 18 will give you a whole bunch of exercises and tutorials where you can learn the terms, recognize moves, and develop a general feel for the player and ball.

Long Shot, Ultimate Team or Franchise?
If you feel fit, you can venture into the other modes: For example, to Quick Play, where you can simply jump into the game. Have your favorite team play against your friends or play the matches of the current week. Maybe the Arizona Cardinals are doing better with you than in their “real” season. Pairings, as well as player roster, are updated every week in Madden 18.

In franchise you play your own off the real season. Choose an existing team or create your own and bring your team to the top of the NFL as coach, owner or player in offense. In doing so you can skim even more experience points and credits with your own goals.

Football History
For the first time in Madden’s series history, Madden 18 also includes a story mode. “Longshot,” as its name says, tells the story of Devin Wade, who has to make the hard way from high school sports to NFL superstar. Along the way, he is repeatedly confronted with decisions that influence the course of the action.

This can be small details, such as public opinion for a charming interview or career-critical considerations such as firing or keeping a sneaky manager going.

Only MUT
And of course, Madden 18, like FIFA, also has an Ultimate Team mode. Madden Ultimate Team works like an auction house, where players are bought and put together like trading cards. You have a free hand as far as club affiliation or active career is concerned. So Rob Gronkowski could easily play with Dan Marino.

With your Ultimate Team, you can then compete in solo challenges in which to master particularly tricky situations on the field. So you win new players and credits, which in turn you can bid on particularly good players.

November 10, 2017

Madden NFL 18 will make use of the Xbox One X’s capabilities


Madden NFL 18 has been confirmed to be receiving enhancements with Microsoft’s latest console The Xbox One X. Speaking to Xbox Wire Seth Christie the technical director of the game detailed exactly what we can expect from the upgrade version of this Football title.

Straight off the bat you can expect Madden NFL 18 to run at a perfect 60FPS alongside 4K crystal clear textures. Christie emphasized how the increased visual detail allows for a smooth transition from gameplay to cinematic moments. When asked about how these enhancements would affect the gaming experience itself he responded “When you combine 4K Ultra HD constant 60 fps with additional enhancements such as an increased level of camera detail you’ll immediately notice and feel a difference in the immersion. This means that elements such as the player’s helmet and faces become more realistic –giving you the feeling that you are right there in the stadium.”

Continuing Christie went on to state how the Xbox One X’s capabilities allow the game to look more so like a real broadcast of the sport.

Madden NFL 18 launched a couple months back in August for PS4 and Xbox One. This title is just one of the many other games that is planned to support the Xbox One X’s capabilities PUBG has also been planned to make full use of the console’s capabilities when it launches early December.

Madden NFL 18 is an American football simulation game developed by EA Sports and published for PS4/XboxOne. Features all elements of real-life American football it contains unique Ultimate Mode Franchise Mode Career Mode and Online Mode. Players will feel like playing authentic American football while playing Madden 18. You can buy players and packs by Madden NFL 18 Coins which is the in-game currency.

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October 26, 2017

NFL 18 ,three players who surprised in Week 7

Week 7 of the 2017 NFL season gave us another round of surprises and thrills on the field and in fantasy football. From the Oakland Raiders getting a must-needed win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football, to the Philadelphia Eagles taking a commanding a lead in the NFC East, and the Chicago Bears winning their second game in a row, it was an eclectic mix of football.

If you had the likes of Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper or Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott on your team, you were most likely celebrating a win in your league.

Elliott had an outstanding game against the San Francisco 49ers, rushing for 147 yards on 26 carries and two touchdowns. He also had a 72-yard reception for a touchdown, giving him 39.9 fantasy points.

Cooper did just as well in fantasy. Against a tough Chiefs defense, the struggling Cooper erupted for 11 receptions (19 targets) for 210 yards and two touchdowns. In fantasy, he scored 33.0 points, the highest total of his young career.
But apart from those two guys, other players also lit up the fantasy scoreboards. Who were those players? Here are three who stood out in Week 7:

Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston

After a shoulder injury knocked him out of the game against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 6, Winston came back with a vengeance on Sunday.

The third-year starter out of Florida State started off slow in the first half against the Buffalo Bills with a turnover, but heated up in the second half, hitting rookie tight end O.J. Howard for two touchdowns and finding wide out Mike Evans for a touchdown.

Winston completed 72.7 percent of his passes for 384 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. Even though the Buccaneers ended up losing 30-27 in overtime, Winston was a fantasy football gem.

He racked up 23.3 points, his second highest total this season. For Tampa Bay and fantasy football owners to make a run at a playoff spot, they need “good” Jameis Winston to show up more consistently.

Vikings RB Latavius Murray

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Minnesota Vikings running back Latavius Murray would be a good waiver wire pickup with rookie Dalvin Cook tearing his ACL, ending his season.

However, things did not start off great for the former Oakland Raider as he struggled in his first start against the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Murray had a pedestrian 31 rushing yards on 12 carries and two receptions for 12 yards.

Meanwhile, his teammate Jerrick McKinnon outperformed him with 95 rushing yards on 16 carries and a touchdown. McKinnon was also effective in the receiving game with six receptions for 51 yards.

With that being known, many fantasy football owners, including myself, turned their backs on Murray over the last two weeks. But Murray sure did make a fool out of me on Sunday as he had a breakout game with 113 rushing yards on 18 carries and a touchdown.

The 6-foot-3, 225-pound running back scored 17.3 fantasy points, which helped a lot of owners who had an opening at their RB2 spot or did not have the services of Leonard Fournette due to injury.

On Sunday, the Vikings head across the pond to play the Cleveland Browns, whose defense is only giving up 83.7 rushing yards per game. Therefore, Murray will be another last-minute start for many fantasy owners.

Jacksonville Jaguars defense

This season, everybody has been enamored with the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars’ defenses and for good reason. Both defenses significantly improved, and their defensive lines are creating havoc.

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line felt that havoc from the Jaguars’ defense as they sacked quarterback Jacoby Brissett an unfathomable 10 times. In that game alone, second-year defensive end Yannick Ngakoue pitched in with 2.5 sacks, while veteran Calais Campbell added two sacks to his league-leading total of 10.

Overall, the Jaguars have compiled 33 sacks through seven games, first in the NFL. It is the main reason why owners start them every week, as they have put up 20 fantasy points or more in three games this season.

October 25, 2017

Could football fatigue be at the heart of the NFL’s ratings dip?

With NFL ratings failing to rebound this season after a startling drop last year it is becoming more and more clear that the league faces a real problem not merely a blip.

As America hysterically debates the causes of the NFL’s ratings woes television executives have their own explanation according to Sports Business Journal: over-saturation of football.

Consider how much football fans have to choose from. There’s Thursday Night Football. There are high school games on Friday if you’re into that. There is a huge slate of college matchups on Saturday. There are NFL games in London many Sunday mornings. Then there are the regular games in the afternoon. Then Sunday Night Football. Then finally Monday Night Football. It’s hard to blame even a diehard for getting a little worn down by the end of the extended weekend.

And so per SBJ television executives have a couple potential solutions to this problem. They have reportedly lobbied the NFL to cut back its Thursday Night Football package from 18 games back to eight as well as to slide the league’s London games back to 1 p.m. ET (6 p.m. in London).
It’s easy to understand why the NFL has spread out its games so widely. Football is still incredibly popular with massive amounts of interest in even the least appealing matchups so the league wants to get eyeballs on as many games as possible. As long as TV partners have offered to air games at non-traditional times the NFL has given the green light. But at the same time much of the NFL’s magic is the communal experience of watching football all day Sunday parked in front of the television from noon to midnight. The more the league disperses those games the more it loses the ritual at the center of its myth.

Several executives summed up the over-saturation problem to SBJ:

“It’s not just an NFL issue or a college issue; it’s a football issue,” said Mike Mulvihill executive vice president of research league operations and strategy at Fox Sports. “The rise in football availability is pretty dramatic. This is what drives fragmentation in every area of television. … You can argue whether there’s greater or lesser interest in the game of football than there was 10 years ago. But clearly whatever that interest is it’s being spread out over quite a few more windows than it was 10 years ago.”

“I do believe that there is a lot of football on and by the time you get to Sunday there could be a fatigue,” said Mark Lazarus chairman of NBC Broadcasting and Sports. “Much of the loss of viewers is coming from 18- to 34-year-olds. They more and more are getting satisfied by the alternatives of highlights and scores that are available during the game. That continues to train young viewers to follow our sports not watch our sports. That is concerning for all sports television.”

As the NFL’s ratings issues become more persistent and the league’s PR headache accelerates the league will presumably open up to changes. And if the TV networks are serious about a condensed schedule maybe they can talk (and spend) their way into one.

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October 20, 2017

Trump’s NFL attacks down to jealousy

The Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan believes Donald Trump’s attacks on the NFL are motivated by jealousy.

Trump has been vocal in his criticism of NFL players who have chosen to kneel during the national anthem to highlight racial injustice in the United States. In September the president said: “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’”

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said this week that players should stand for the anthem but would not be forced to. That led to Trump tweeting that the league has shown “total disrespect” for America. But Khan suggested that rather than patriotism Trump’s anger may stem from his failure to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014.

“He’s been elected president where maybe a great goal he had in life to own an NFL team is not very likely,” Khan told USA Today Sports on Wednesday. He added: “The attacks on Muslims the attacks on minorities the attacks on Jews. I think the NFL doesn’t even come close to that on the level of being offensive. Here it’s about money or messing with – trying to soil a league or a brand that he’s jealous of.”
ESPN kneels before advertisers by silencing Jemele Hill for doing her job

Trump was also the owner of the New Jersey Generals in the United States Football League a rival competition to the NFL. Trump led an attempt with fellow USFL owners to force a merger with the NFL in 1984 but he was unsuccessful and the league folded in 1986.
Khan is originally from Pakistan and also attacked Trump’s immigration policy which he said is far more sinister than the president’s scuffle with the NFL.

“That’s one aspect that you can imagine – someone is getting a visa that will change their life is from a Muslim-majority country – and now boom that dream to change lives they get locked out,” Khan said. “That’s a hell of a lot more significant than fighting some sponsors or people who want their money back because they’ve been riled up.”

Khan’s voice is slightly undermined by the fact that he gave $1m to Trump’s inauguration fund although he told USA Today he had no regrets about his donation and had been attracted by the president’s economic policies.

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September 04, 2017

Madden NFL 18 Options A Movie- High Quality Story Mode in “Longshot”

It’s that time again, as EA Sports begins its annual barrage of sports sims, all polished and updated for the new season. Kicking items of nicely may be the latest iteration of their American Football franchise, Madden NFL 18.

NFL 18

And this year it is all change.

Following FIFA 17’s lead, last year, with it’s single-player campaign mode, “The Journey”, Madden NFL 18 options a movie- high quality story mode in “Longshot”. This can be a massive inclusion as well as a total game-changer. Longshot tells the story of one-time college football hopeful, Devin Wade and his final shot in the NFL. The campaign options the likenesses of real actors like Mahershala Ali (most not too long ago observed in Netflix’s Luke Cage) playing Devin’s father and former Oakland Raiders operating back, JR Lemon as Devin, himself.

Longshot adds some meat for the single-player encounter, which, like most sports sims up until now, has earlier involved picking a group and playing a season. But it also serves as a great introduction to NFL too as the game, Madden NFL 18.

Longshot is heavy around the drama, with much of your player interaction becoming very simple button presses and Mass Effect-style conversation alternatives. Slowly gamers are introduced towards the Madden game mechanics. The actual football in Longshot is Madden- lite, with gamers only controlling Devin or the catcher. A lot of of the gamestups are Devin recalling his career up to the point that he washes out for the duration of a colleague football game, ahead of attempting his hand once again to get back into NFL.

While the campaign serves as excellent intro to the game for newcomers, I can see veterans obtaining itchy fingers and much more than a little frustrated by the restrictive gameplay during the three-hour story. But, if you’re keen to expertise an interactive NFL movie, you can find Longshot very entertaining.

The inclusion with the story campaign is not the only alter.

For this entry EA have swapped the game engine from Ignite more than to Frostbite- precisely the same engine utilized to energy pretty-much all of EA’s games from Battlefield 1 to Mass Effect: Andromeda. The engine is superbly optimised and presents pretty much photoreal graphics. EA have been gradually rolling it out across all their sports titles. It really is use, last year, for FIFA 17, shows that the Frostbite engine can add quite a bit to sports games.

On Xbox A single the visuals are outstanding. The muted colour pallet is often a lot additional realistic; gone would be the oversaturated grass tones and instead we have a realistic green. The players’ kit is filled with detail in the texture with the material to the lacquered metallic finish or the helmets. The screen grabs accompanying this critique could appear like promo pictures, but they are not. They had been all capture in-game my me. The games physics impressively capture the action, with players seeking like they are truly connecting on the field. The action is animated with smooth, high-quality realism.

The commentary continues to be the very best of any sports title. The conversations, packed filled with details and stats, involving hosts Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis add an unparalleled and quite informative degree of realism towards the game.

The visual tweaks aside, the gameplay is still quite comparable to previous iterations, but with some enhanced player control and catching choices. New for this year, gamers can decide on from 3 forms of gameplay- Arcade, Simulation and Competitive, accommodating casual and hardcore fans.

Too because the new Longshot campaign, you’ve got each of the usual gameplay modes to choose from. New and returning players could be wise to verify out the extensive drills inside the Expertise Trainer just before attempting anything else. EA Sports’ deep, collectable card-based mode, Ultimate Group returns and, naturally, you have got the immediate action of Play Now and On line Head-to-Head. The full NFL practical experience is usually had taking your team all of the strategy to the Superbowl in Franchise mode.

Madden NFL 18 sets a high regular for this year’s EA Sports titles. An extremely polished presentation, fluid gameplay and beautiful visuals make this an excellent entry within the classic NFL series.

August 31, 2017

Madden 18 Guides For Player Upgrades & MUT Team Tokens Earning


Madden 18 Player Upgrades Guide

If you go over to the ‘Team’ tab in the Ultimate Team section of Madden 18, you’ll find the ‘Upgrade Sets’ option near the bottom of the screen. There are a variety of options in this section, but the one you want to be focusing on first is the ‘Upgrades’ area.

Select the ‘Players’ option after this, and then choose from AFC or NFC, depending on which team you’re after. For example, when I picked the Colts pack at the beginning of Ultimate Team, I was given a 70 OVR Vontae Davis, which I can now upgrade to 75, and then 84 OVR, but only with a few key items.

Madden 18 MUT Team Tokens

The items you’ll need to upgrade individual players are Team Tokens, which come in either Silver or Gold variants. To upgrade the Vontae Davis card to an 80 OVR, we’ll need his base card and a Colts Silver Token, but to take him to 84 OVR, we’ll need both a Gold and a Silver Colts Team Token.

To obtain one of these elusive Silver or Gold tokens, you’ll need to back out all the way to the first menu after you went into the ‘Upgrade Sets’ menu, and scroll all the way along to the right till you get to the ‘Team Tokens’ area. In here, you’ll find item sets to unlock Silver, Gold, and Elite Team Tokens, each of which require a number of cards.

How to Earn MUT Team Tokens

MUT Team Tokens unfortunately can’t be purchased in the auction house, nor can they be traded for on the trade block. Instead, you’ll have to find them in packs (although the odds are slim), or complete item sets in order to earn them.

Each Team Token requires a number of cards in order to be unlocked – for example the Bears Gold Team Token requires 10 Gold Bears players, all ranked between 70 and 79 OVR. Silver Team Tokens are easier to obtain than this, as they instead require 12 Silver players from any teams, ranked between 60 and 69 OVR.

It’s certainly a slog, and there’s even debate among the MUT community as to whether these player upgrades are even worth the effort, as they require some expensive Elite items in the later stages. But, if you do happen to have an NFL Stars player lying around, it could be well worthwhile to merely upgrade them once.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Best Players to Upgrade

So, obtaining Team Tokens is by no means an easy job, so once you’ve got hold of some, which players should you prioritise upgrading over others?

For starters, you definitely want to go with skill position players, over any players on the offensive or defensive lines. Skill players undoubtedly have a larger impact on your average game of Madden than any other players, to it’s best to go with quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, cornerbacks, and safeties over any other positions.

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June 22, 2017

Madden 18: Who Are The Lesser Known Players Drafted In The Later Rounds?

We’re all fully aware of the big name rookies making their Madden debuts in the fall. Top picks like Trubisky, Garrett, Fournette, and McCaffrey are all very interesting Madden 18 rookies. But what about some of the lesser known players drafted in the later rounds? Many times, we tend to overlook these players until they end up on the cover of Madden’s G.O.A.T. Edition (Tom Brady). That’s why we’ve decided to put together a few of the late round draft picks to watch for in Madden 18.

Madden 18
TE Jake Butt: RD 5 Denver Broncos
The name aside, Butt is a big and tall TE with incredible upside for a Madden TE. He had over 500 rec yards and 4 TD’s in 2016. He did so on 46 catches. Those are pretty solid numbers for a TE in the college game. Butt showed good route running skills at Michigan and that should translate his Madden rating in that category.

Also, based on some of the highlights he had in college, Butt should be rewarded with higher than average Spectacular Catch and Catch In Traffic ratings. Butt looks like he could certainly end up being a great option over the middle. Especially with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders on the outside in Denver’s offense. Watch for Jake Butt at TE in Madden 18.

RB Tarik Cohen: RD 4 Chicago Bears

Tarik Cohen was a YouTube sensation before he even started his career at North Carolina A&T. The small RB is known for doing back flips and catching passes at the same time. Theatrics aside, Cohen is definitely a Darren Sproles style back. He has incredible playmaking ability and is tailor made for Madden. He’s not just a flashy RB, though. Cohen not only found the end zone over 18 times in 2016, but he also had 37 catches and over 300 receiving yards. Those are some incredible numbers given he only played 12 games.

Cohen was dubbed the “human joystick” due to his knack for simply making plays. Cohen should provide those of you who like to use the Bears with a threat at several positions on the depth chart including PR/KR/3DRB. You may even be able to utilize him from the slot in certain formations and situations. Cohen’s speed, elusiveness, and juke ratings should be fairly decent for a rookie drafted around his spot. Watch for Cohen in Madden 18.

WR Dede Westbrook: RD 4 Jacksonville Jaguars

Westbrook definitely had 1st round potential. With 80 catches, over 1500 receiving yards, and 17 TD’s in 2016, Westbrook showed that he could put up some big numbers catching the ball. His 4.37 40-yard dash time at the combine was quite impressive, but if you watch his highlights from the University of Oklahoma, then you’ll see why he has serious potential as an NFL WR and Madden stud.

Westbrook’s certainly a player to keep your eye on as the Madden 18 season progresses. If Jacksonville can get some production from Blake Bortles, and we see the QB’s Madden rating get back to around 80-85, then Westbrook will benefit and become a solid WR. Westbrook is certainly a WR to watch for in Madden 18 and for years to come.

RB Samaje Perine: RD 4 Washington Redskins

For a player who spent a good bit of time backing up Joe Mixon at Oklahoma, Perine put up some impressive numbers. His 12 rushing TD’s, and 1060 yards on only 196 carries shows how unstoppable Perine is when running with the ball. Perine is a big bruising runner in the same fashion as Leonard Fournette.

Samaje Perine has “incredible upper body strength,” and he’ll be “an unstoppable goal line back,” said Mel Kiper Jr when evaluating Perine for the draft. If you check out some of Perine’s highlights from college, then you’ll see exactly what Kiper was referring to.

You can see the big RB just bowling over defenders during his time at Oklahoma. Perine will start with a higher than average rating in the trucking category. Given the Redskins strong O-Line, Perine will be a great option for a ball control power running attack, and you should watch for him in Madden 18.

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June 20, 2017

Compared With Madden 17, What’s New In Madden 18?

Hi, Madden fans! What’s the new features and mechanics of Madden 18?
Today, will introduce the details of it!
If you just quit Virtual Retirement, PS2 and the original Xbox era, because there is a big change, so when we review some basic knowledge, pay attention, and then to the new features later this year.

Madden 18
Now, have a look at the features of Madden 17.
Last year, Madden 17 launched a simpler way to stop running and passing as a playing pool. Instead of choosing a specific game, the player can let you predict what game your opponent will play (for example, either through or inside) and automatically queues the defense.
In last year’s franchise model, Madden 17 launched a new “big moment”, shaping your players and the team’s future. If he was slightly injured, decided to keep the quarterback if he was injured for the second time and could spend your season. Changing the rookie may mean a difference between the loss of the competitor and the other points in the profit bar.
But it was all last year.

What’s new in Madden 18?
This year’s supplement is the Frostbite physics and vision engine that will power the next generation of Madden’s experience. We’ve seen it in other EA movies, but that’s the first time you’ve seen it at Madden franchise. Still playing Live! Mode that lets you reproduce this week’s best real-world NFL game.

According to EA, there will be a new game mode. We have not heard too much, but this should be a change in the traditional franchise / player creation model, bringing the unknown players you create to the top of the league.
Game, a new feature called “Target Pass” will provide you with better pass control, allowing you to throw the ball in the exact location on the floor. If the traditional phone is too difficult, Madden 18 will launch three new game styles: arcade, simulation and competition. The following is a description of each:

Arcade: full of passion full of drama, limited score.
Simulation: Use the correct NFL rules and gameplay player and team rating.
Competitiveness: Your skills are key, get a lot of reward for your skills, or get more punishments.
The overlay feature is also a new feature that helps you keep track of recipients who are protected when you are in defense.
You can also expect the return of Madden Ultimate Team and franchise models in Madden 18.
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April 26, 2017

Madden 18: Defensive Players Who Have Big Impact on Team

With the continuous development of NFL and the evolution of NFL rules, The contradiction between the defensive and offensive is more intense, and the Defensive technology has been raised to the same important position as the attack. A good NFL18 player must be good at attack and defend, besides, He should develop in an all-round way. For a long time, gamers pay more attention to the move speed of footsteps, while always ignoring the function of the hand move in defense. The lack of understanding of game, to a certain extent, affected the improvement of Defense Technology. Compared with NFL 17, NFL18 emphasizes the big deal and the issue of free agent signing. A team loses a special player, while the other team has a potential opportunity to recruit him, therefore, it increase the possibility to win game. here, we list some top defensive players who have big impact on team in Madden 18.

Madden 18

AJ Bouye CB: From Houston Texans to Jacksonville Jaguars
Bouye might not be as well known as some corners, but he can play and his overall rating to finish the Madden 17 was a solid 88. True, the Jaguars might not be your first choice when picking your Madden team, but they are getting better, especially on defense. Coupled with rookie standout Jalen Ramsey, who ended the year rated an 85 overall, Bouye should help bring the Jacksonville secondary up a notch in the ratings.

As for Bouye’s ratings, his man coverage is a 90, and his zone coverage is an 87. He also sports a decent 86 awareness and an 89 speed rating. These should all carry over with nice consistency into Madden 18. The Jacksonville defense gains a great corner while the Texans defense is left with a huge hole to fill. This move certainly means that Jacksonville’s D has some formidable players.

Madden 18

Calais Campbell DE/DT: From Arizona Cardinals to Jacksonville Jaguars
Calais Campbell is another big name free agent signing by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he will have a huge impact in Madden 18. Campbell is one of the best pass rushers in Madden, and has been for a few years now. He’ll boost the Jaguars D-Line while certainly weakening the Arizona Cardinals once deadly front seven.

Campbell finished the year rated a 90 overall, which is one of the top ratings in the game. Without a doubt, Campbell makes a great 3-4 DE and a nice 4-3 DT, but we’ll have to see how Jacksonville lists him on the depth chart. Regardless, Calais Campbell has strong ratings in a wide range of categories, which makes him a very versatile player.

He has every big trait you could ask for in Madden 17. Campbell has swim move, spin move, bull rush move, and high motor traits. That’s incredible all in itself.

Campbell finished Madden 17 with a 90 awareness, 92 tackle, and 89 finesse move. Campbell and AJ Bouye will both help to raise the Jacksonville Jaguars overall rating. They should also help propel Jacksonville into somewhat of a sleeper team in Madden 18.

Madden 18

Stephon Gilmore CB: From Buffalo Bills to New England Patriots
Stephon Gilmore was one of the first big signings for the New England Patriots to go along with the Brandin Cooks deal on the offensive side of the ball. Both moves will definitely have pretty big impacts in Madden 18.

Gilmore leaves the Buffalo Bill’s secondary weaker while reinforcing the New England cornerback position. Given the pass centric style of most Madden players, you must have decent rated corners and that’s what Gilmore gives the Patriots.

Gilmore finished the year rated an 83 overall, but given Belichick’s record of pumping out highly rated defensive backs, Gilmore’s rating promises to go up. He also has a solid 87 press coverage and an 80 zone coverage to go with a decent 84 awareness and 92 speed.

The Patriots lost Logan Ryan, a big loss to the secondary, but they might also lose Malcolm Butler in a potential trade with the Saints. That’s only rumor, but if it’s true, then that makes the Gilmore signing all the more important for the Patriots.

Madden 18

Logan Ryan CB: From New England Patriots to Tennessee Titans
Logan Ryan to the Tennessee Titans was huge for the Titans and their Madden 18 rating. Ryan’s 85 overall to end the year might be sort of a snub given he has an 83 or better in nearly every major category for corners. He’s rated 87 in zone coverage, 84 man coverage, 86 awareness, and 84 press coverage.

Ryan makes a great addition to the Titans who were desperately in need of a decent corner. The Tennessee defense has highly rated players at nearly every position on their front seven, but not many in their secondary. Logan Ryan’s signing definitely changes that and will have a big impact for those of you who like Tennessee as a sleeper in Madden 18.

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