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February 24, 2020

World of Tanks players forced to abandon livestreams at Tankfest

World of Tanks remains one of the world’s biggest games, and streamers of the game on Twitch are a big deal. Therefore those streamers would need a pretty decent reason to abandon their shows while playing the game live – such as what happened to World of Tanks streamer QuickyBaby, and other players at Tankfest 2019 today.

Word is reaching us – mostly thanks to QuickyBaby himself and the viewers who caught his stream – of a “fire or explosion” at the Tankfest event at the Tank Museum in Dorset, UK. According to World of Tanks player Eekeeboo on Discord, who was there, “there was a real explosion and a fire. We don’t know more details but we were evacuated for safety. As far as I know no one was hurt, but there was a large explosion and they’re getting it under control now.”

Despite there being reports of an explosion, it’s not entirely clear what caused the fire. If we were to speculate, it might have had something to do with the fact that the festival was built around tanks, which are prone to, as you might be aware, cause a lot of destruction and start fires. Or maybe someone left a sandwich press plugged in for too long or dried their clothes without cleaning out the lint trap, who can say. In addition, Cheap World of Tanks Gold is on hot sale at our website

At the moment there has been no official explanation given for the evacuation or the cause of the fire at Tankfest – although as Frampton was quickly back in the room playing and streaming World of Tanks again shortly afterwards, it would seem that it was contained fairly quickly. The most important part, of course, is that no one was hurt and everyone was evacuated safely – despite Frampton’s attempts to kill more tanks while in the middle of that evacuation.

If you’re not aware, Tankfest isn’t specifically about World of Tanks – although it is sponsored by the developers. It’s a yearly event held at the Tank Museum in Bovington in Dorset in the UK, and it’s described as “the world’s biggest display of historic moving armour” – or ‘tanks’ as they’re more commonly known.

February 15, 2020

WoW Classsic has been adding in new content at a breakneck pace

It’s been a big few days for World of Warcraft: Classic! Blizzard has been adding in new content at a breakneck pace. Blackwing Lair opened up a few days ago, and the Valentine’s Day event, Love is in the Air, kicked off on the eleventh. Now Blizzard is bringing in a fan favorite that’s still active on the modern Battle for Azeroth servers, the Darkmoon Faire!

The Darkmoon Faire is a faction-neutral camp of carnies that set up shop in a starting zone for each faction, hanging out in Mulgore for Horde players and Elwynn Forest for Alliance players. Of course, given that the Faire is neutral, any player can visit the Faire regardless of which zone it’s currently located in. The Faire also rotates once a month – currently, it’s set up in Mulgore, but next month it’ll be set up in Elwynn. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe WOW Vanilla Gold For Sale.

Every month, the Darkmoon Faire alternates between its sites in Mulgore and Elywnn Forest. When the faire is located in enemy territory, it is in fact possible to take part in the festivities, provided that you are able to steer clear of the enemy guards that can surround the encampment.

When the Faire moves to Mulgore, Kubran Darkblade, the Barker, will announce its change of location in Orgrimmar, while his contemporary, Melnan Darkstone, will do the same in Ironforge once the Faire moves to its Elywnn Forest home.

Both Barkers offer the same quest: The Darkmoon Faire which rewards players with 5 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets and 50 reputation if they simply talk to Gevlas Grimegate, who can be found in the fairegrounds.

January 21, 2020

FIFA Mobile brings highest grossing day for a mobile game

Electronic Arts has released its first quarterly financial report of the 2019 fiscal year, ultimately showing year-over-year decreases in multiple categories though still coming in above its forecasted numbers for this quarter.

For the quarter ending June 30, EA reported net revenue of $1.14 billion, down from the $1.45 billion reported during the same period last year. In an earnings call with investors however, the company noted that this quarter’s net revenue still falls above EA’s forecast for Q1 by a solid $57 million.

Digital net bookings now make up 69 percent, $693 million, of EA’s total net-bookings and 6 percent larger chunk of that overall pie compared to last year. Additionally, net bookings related to live services found in games like FIFA Online 4 and The Sims 4 rose by 7 percent from last year to $450 million for the quarter. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe FIFA Mobile Coins For Sale.

While digital itself rose, PC and console full-game downloads declined by 14 percent, year-over-year. Additionally, mobile net bookings fell by 2 percent year-over-year, something EA COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen credited to slight declines in older mobile titles. In an earnings call, he notes that this quarter’s release of FIFA Mobile in Asia helped to offset that decay, however. Though FIFA Mobile has only recently reached China, Jorgensen says the company is “encouraged” by the game’s performance so far, explaining that the game delivered one of the highest grossing days ever for any of its mobile titles.

Both the mobile FIFA tiles and the series as a whole gave a solid contribution to this quarter’s performance, something EA notes was boosted by the World Cup event and its corresponding in-game promotions.

January 17, 2020

How to defeat WOW Classic world boss Azuregos and Lord Kazzak

World of Warcraft Classic revealed that two world bosses have arrived. In WoW, world bosses are considered as raid bosses since a party of more than five players is needed in order to take them down. World bosses by definition are located outside.

Azuregos is immune to arcane spells and has high frost-resistance. At the beginning of the combat, you should ensure your tank has gained aggro before engaging. Since the aggro will be reset when Azuregos uses his Teleport ability causing all players within 30 yds to be teleported to his location, you should make time for your tank to reestablish aggro through stopping all damage and running back out to your original position. Besides, DPS shouldn’t stand in front of Azuregos in order to avoid his Cleave and Frost Breath abilities. Moreover, you should run out of his Manastorm as soon as possible, because it also works as a mana drain and stops casting when he uses Magic Reflection ability. If you die, you will be out of the fight for 15 minutes because of the debuff  Mark of Frost. If you want to Buy WOW Gold Classic, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Lord Kazzak is a menacing doomlord and commander of Burning Legion forces. After the Third War, Lord Kazzak and his minions retreated to the Blasted Lands, where players will find him patrolling around the Tainted Scar. If a group takes down Lord Kazzak, the Eye of Shadow is a guaranteed drop. It’s an epic trinket, which is used in the quest The Balance of Light and Shadow. When the quest is completed, the player will be rewarded with either Benediction or Anathema. These two staffs are rated as Best in Slot Priest 2 Handed Weapons for Phase 1 and 2 of WoW Classic. Benediction is for Healing Priests, and Anathema is for Shadow Priests.

The raid boss has been seen in a few different expansions. Lord Kazzak opened the Dark Portal to the Outlands, which ushered in the first expansion of WoW, The Burning Crusade. For the deed, players could battle the promoted Doom Lord Kazzak in Hellfire Pennisula. Players could also fight Supreme Lord Kazzak in Tanaan Jungle during the expansion Warlords of Draenor.

World Boss battles are always a fun time in WoW and fighting these throwback bosses are reasons why people were so excited for WoW Classic in the first place.

January 15, 2020

League of Legends Wild Rift Details Leaked alongside some video footage

As reported over on GuruGamer several leaked screenshots and video have surfaced that show a mobile version of the popular MMO League of Legends. There are a few details we’ve learned from Tencent’s apparent port to phones to go over. Firstly, through the champion select screen we know 27 of the characters that are currently in the game. Of course, there are many more in the PC version of the game. Whether or not they’ll eventually put them all in I’m not so sure, a lot of the 27 are quite simple compared to some of LoL’s latest additions.

One of the players allegedly involved in a closed beta test in Brazil, YikeZ, released some information about the game in a Q&A-style article on Mobile Mode Gaming. The video itself shows gameplay, but the quality of the video leaves a lot to be desired. If this is an actual video of the beta test, it’s hard to see what the gameplay is actually like. It doesn’t answer any questions that weren’t already answered by Riot’s announcement of the game, either. If you are in lack of League of Legends Wild Rift Account, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

YikeZ provided some answers to questions regarding the game, however. He touched on the quality of the game and some of the mechanics. The game ran smoothly with low ping and minimal lag, according to the article. He claims the games are each about 18 minutes and there isn’t really a way to speed them up. He also touched on some of the mechanics, abilities, and items in the game.

Fortunately, seeing how the game is currently in closed testing, a couple of interesting details have leaked. Now, this isn’t anything monumental, but it’s still enough to make the wait a bit easier to bear. Before we dive any deeper into the leaked information, keep in mind that the game is currently in alpha, meaning anything written below is subject to change. Everything we’ve learned is perfectly plausible and doesn’t deviate much from the mobile MOBA norm, which gives the leaker a fair bit of credence.

The information shared by YikeZ hasn’t been corroborated with a known source from Riot, so it’s impossible to say if it’s legitimate at time of writing.

January 13, 2020

Psyonix decided to get rid of Rocket League’s loot boxes

Psyonix revealed in August it planned to kill off Rocket League’s randomized loot crates. It’s now laid out how it will replace them: with a new type of drop called blueprints. After every match, you’ll have the chance to snag a blueprint, which explains upfront what item you’ll obtain if you buy it. You can pay for a blueprint (and item) immediately, or you can hang onto it in your inventory to purchase later. As with crates, painted, certified and special edition items will be available through blueprints. Psyonix also has a new item shop on its roadmap. It’ll feature older items that appeared in crates along with new ones.

“Like the Crate items that preceded them, Blueprints can drop with special attributes like Painted, Certified, and Special Editions,” Psyonix wrote in a blog post outlining the system. The idea is that players will know what they’re getting from Blueprints instead of “surprise mechanics” of loot boxes, which have been controversial. In May, United States senator Josh Hawley proposed new legislation that would ban pay-to-win mechanics and forbid companies from selling loot boxes to kids. Psyonix’s switch to Blueprints is one way to handle the controversy. Adding a loot box “X-ray scanner” to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in for French players is another way. If you want to know where to Buy Rocket League Items, will be your best choice.

Also coming in December is a new Item Shop, where credits can be spent directly on a rotating selection of cars and car accessories, including “new items, legacy Crate content you might have missed out on, and the long-awaited debuts of items like the Titanium White Dominus.”

Items purchased in the Item Shop will not be tradeable. Psyonix will not say whether blueprints and credits will be tradeable at this time, which is what will determine whether the current marketplace can continue to exist. If I had to guess, I’d assume that blueprints will be tradeable, but credits will not. Again, there’s no confirmation on that at this time.

While the process is similar, the key difference is that you can see what’s on a blueprint, so you can decide if you want to buy it or not. To compensate for the fact that fewer people are going to be spending money this way, the game will also be introducing an item store, which will sell “a wide variety of content including new items, legacy Crate content you might have missed out on, and the long-awaited debuts of items like the Titanium White Dominus.”

January 07, 2020

Psyonix removing loot boxes from Rocket League

A change is coming to the Rocket League store later this year, one foreshadowed by fellow Epic Games Store title Fortnite. Epic Games recently removed loot boxes from its Save the World mode. Now that change is coming to Rocket League—which Epic now owns—as well. All paid, randomized loot boxes, known as Crates, will be removed from the Rocket League storefront.

A new system will be added that “shows the exact items you’re buying in advance.” It’s not clear whether the storefront will primarily move over to individual items or bundles, but more information including timelines and rollout specifics will be released in the coming months. As for the store’s existing offers, the official blog post says that “Rocket Pass Premium, DLC Cars, and Esports Shop items will continue to be offered for direct purchase alongside our new system. In addition, Cheap Rocket League Prices is on hot sale at our website

The Blueprint system isn’t without its problems, however. When it was first introduced, players were very upset over the new item pricing. While Blueprints brought transparency that Crates didn’t, their introduction also jacked up the rates in the item store. Many felt that they were paying for the removal of loot boxes by having individual items cost double what they did before. Psyonix listened and quickly lowered the prices, hopefully ending the turmoil.

As for Epic, leaving loot boxes behind isn’t likely to hurt its bottom line any time soon. “Epic, however, could afford to get rid of loot boxes since it has found a viable alternative in the form of the battle pass,” Rogers said. “This monetization method has proven far less controversial, and battle passes were even introduced to Rocket League last year.”

We’re not likely to see the end of the loot box in games altogether, but as the industry moves toward more transparency, we may see more alternate “consumer-friendly” methods of monetization. Strategies like Epic’s battle passes have performed well and it makes sense that other publishers may seek to implement similar strategies in an effort to avoid the increasingly-controversial loot box discussion.

December 27, 2019

There are a few different ways to obtain the Cubic Diodes in Warframe

Warframe Cubic Diodes are a new resource added to the game as part of the recent Rising Tide update. In the new update, players now have the opportunity to build their own spaceships, otherwise knows as Railjacks. In these player-built beasts you can take part in ship-to-ship battles with a real-life crew.

But, before you reach for your ship captain hat, you need to build it first—which you can do by progressing the Warframe Rising Tide quest—and unfortunately for you, you need to find the parts. That’s where collecting Warframe Cubic Diodes come in. First, you’ll need to build a dry dock, but once that’s constructed, you can start searching for materials. So, without further ado, here’s how to get one of the most precious new Warframe Railjack resources, and fast. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Warframe Platinum For Sale.

A great mission to play is the Dark Sector Defense on the Larzec node. As you get into the later Rotations, Eximus spawns will become more common. If you happen to have a Kuva Lich after you, and they have some nodes on Europa, it can also be a good idea to run missions on them, as Eximus units will be a bit more common in these missions. Keep in mind, the Lich can take resources from you if they control a node, and this includes your Cubic Diodes.

If you happen to have a Kuva Lich after you, and they have some nodes on Europa, it can also be a good idea to run missions on them, as Eximus units will be a bit more common in these missions. Keep in mind, the Lich can take resources from you if they control a node, and this includes your Cubic Diodes.

Cubic Diodes will also be affected by the Resource Booster that doubles your resources pickups, but we don’t know if the drops are affected by farming Warframes or Smeeta Kavata at this time. All Eximus units seem to drop between five and ten Cubic Diodes on death, however.

December 09, 2019

Rise of Civilizations let player taking the reins of a burgeoning empire

It’s natural to assume that small screens mean small games. While PC gamers get huge, epic, sprawling experiences like Civilization, mobile gamers get slick and superficial strategy titles like Clash Royale. Rise of Civilisations drives an armored chariot through this outdated model. It may take place on the small screen, but its scope is seemingly boundless.

Rise of Civilizations sees you taking the reins of a burgeoning empire, giving you the choice of Rome, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan and Korea. You start with a modest walled city with very little in it, but as you upgrade your City Hall and the buildings around it you unlock more building types. Upgrading these lets you upgrade your City Hall in turn, making more building types available, and so on.
Eventually you’ll have a farm, an archery range, a workshop, a barracks, a lumber mill, an academy, and many more buildings besides. Between them they keep your people sheltered, fed, trained, educated, armed, healthy, safe, and prosperous. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Rise of Kingdoms Resources For Sale.

Upgrading buildings takes time, but you can speed up the process with consumable cards. You have to exercise a little bit of restraint with these, since you don’t have an unlimited supply, but you have enough that you can expedite a few building, training, and research periods per session, allowing you to get some good progress out of a quick game. Of course, this just covers the very basics of attending to your own city. Zoom out and you’ll discover a staggeringly huge game world. Your city is just a tiny dot in a vast region, which itself just one of nine regions, separated by mountain ranges and accessible through pathways that you need to find with your scouts.

Rise of Civilizations also has its own exhaustive alliance system, complete with messaging. Joining an alliance gives you access to communal assets such as research, alliance gifts, and earnings from resources. It also lets you call on alliance members for assistance in completing research, building, and training projects in your city. Naturally, you can help the alliance too, by pledging your troops in wars, contributing to research costs, and so on.

November 01, 2019

Torchlight 2 is heading to consoles in September

Superb action-RPG Torchlight 2 is making its way to Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 starting 3rd September, courtesy of well-regarded porting studio Panic Button. Torchlight 2, which was developed by the sadly now defunct Runic Games, initially launched for PC in 2012, and this year’s release marks the game’s console debut. It’s highly recommended too, with its captivating dungeon-crawling, class-based hack-and-slash action, and vibrant, lovingly crafted world proving utterly delightful.

Originally launching on PC back in 2012, Torchlight II invites adventure-seekers to pick their way through multiple randomly-generated dungeons as one of four unique classes. Choosing either the steampunk-powered Engineer, animal-loving Beserker, master of the arcane arts; the Embermage or the mysterious range Outlander. Players will work their way through increasingly difficult stages, bagging new weapons, gear and loot while fending out unfathomable swarms of beasties. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Torchlight 2 Gold at by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

“Torchlight II invites adventurers to Vilderan, a sprawling continent filled with monsters and adventure at every turn. Like the original Torchlight game, the sequel sets itself apart from other action RPGs with a charming art style, frantic combat, signature pet system and deep character customization. The console version retains these signature mechanics while adding enhanced controls, an improved targeting system and a new interface designed specifically with console gamers in mind. Players will also discover updated achievements and trophies to earn through gameplay, plus brand new pets making their debut exclusively on console. In addition, Nintendo Switch users will have the opportunity to play Torchlight II with their friends via wireless play, allowing up to four players to connect multiple Nintendo Switch consoles together via a local wireless connection.”

It’s got bright and exciting visuals. It’s got humor. It’s got pets. It’s got cool spells and weapons. Most importantly, it’s got tons of enemies for you to viciously murder with your friends. Who would want hack and slash any other way? The game’s been out for a while on PC, so console players will be happy to hear that all of that game’s main and DLC content will be making its way over in the port. Better still, it’s said some exclusive pets will be included as well. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Torchlight 2 Items from at a reasonable price.