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February 20, 2023

How to Catch the Shiny Beast in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the funniest incidents in the history of Hogwarts is saving the Beast. Hogwarts’ kingdom offers players the chance to acquire a wide variety of adorable creatures. Players must finish the primary quests The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom in order to gain knowledge on how to hunt the Beast. The same method of capture, such as the employment of Arresto Momentum, Glacius, or Levioso to prevent them from escaping, can also be used to capture shiny monsters. In order to catch the Shiny Beast in Hogwarts Legacy, users must purchase a sufficient number of Hogwarts Legacy Account.


How to Find the Shiny Beast in Hogwarts Legacy

Players should refrain from entering the mob lair without first making their way there. Use the Disillusionment Spell from Hogwarts Legacy to enable players to approach creature dens covertly instead. Shiny monsters will have a star icon next to their names, making it simple for gamers to distinguish them from one another. When looking for shining beasts, it’s advised to ignore the creature’s color since many magical beings can manifest in a variety of hues.


It’s also possible that players won’t be able to find Shiny Beasts in all lairs because of the extremely low spawn probability of these creatures. Players should try to capture every common beast in the area in order to clear the way for shiny beasts to spawn. This can be challenging, especially with some creatures that have a convenient escape route, like the Fwoopers from Hogwarts Legacy.


By manually saving and loading the save file, adjusting the time on the map screen, or using fast travel to leave and return after clearing the area, the player can restart the game and cause mobs to reappear.


The player can basically repeat this short loop until the Shiny Beast spawns. However, there is no method to make the Shiny Beast appear in Hogwarts Legacy, which can be irritating. But, by finishing House-Elf Deek’s Dead Pony, players can learn how to breed rescued animals. Obtaining a unique House of Requirement schematic for the breeding pen is required for this side quest. Then, in Hogwarts Legacy, players can breed additional Shiny Beasts for their zoo using two captive Shiny Beasts of the same type. Players can purchase extra Hogwarts Legacy Account from the in-game currency store.