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February 26, 2021

Tree of Life: Oddria into an experience centered on 3v3 PvP elements

The developer OddOneGames, known as Tree of Life, announced a new change of plans for its new game in development, Oddria. According to the developer, after participating in the Steam Games Festival, the team carefully evaluated the reception of the community and came to the conclusion that changes need to be made.

Initially, Oddria was intended to be a competitive online game involving two teams of three players competing in a round and colorful world. As the development progresses (and in particular under the impetus of the players after the presentation of the game as part of the Steam Game Festival), Oddone Games has chosen to develop Oddria, to now make it a survival MMO – more concretely, Oddria could become what Tree of Life should have been from the start.

Survial doesn’t always have to be gloomy
What is so special about the game? Tree of Life: Oddria is very colorful and happy. In contrast to other, often gloomy survival games, the graphics already exude a certain joy and fun.

What does the game look like now? There are two new gameplay videos straight from the current alpha. They show how Tree of Life: Oddria is currently playing and what it looks like.

The survival game has its own graphic style that looks very comic. Therefore, the title could also be more aimed at a younger audience. Nevertheless, all elements are present that you know from survival games: crafting, fighting, construction.

Tree of Life: Oddria is supposed to do everything better
What is special about Tree of Life: Oddria? If you play on a PvP server, it is even possible there to attack, besiege and completely conquer the bases of the other players. This leads to exciting and tactical wars between the player groups.

Why is Tree of Life getting a sequel? The developers admit that the MMO didn’t do quite as well as hoped. In her opinion, this was partly due to the fact that PvE and PvP were mixed together.

With Tree of Life: Oddria things should be different. Because you decide whether you want to play on a PvE or PvP server.

The developers explain that Oddria was born as a survival game Sandbox that would be the sequel to Tree of Life, a game available on Steam since 2017. However, during development, the team decided to follow market trends by observing those “small and convenient games that are popular today ”, transforming the game into an experience centered on 3v3 PvP elements.

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