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November 14, 2017

The second season of “NBA LIVE” debut, toward the championship

NBA New Ball season kicked off EA America’s EA mobile basketball game is renamed “NBA LIVE” and launched a new Season 2 game update “bearded” James Harden boarded the cover star. From now on you can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play. Experience the latest team lineup coach and bench player features player training system and update interface since the start of the season create a fantastic lineup and build a team understanding towards championship.

The second quarter of the “NBA LIVE” cover star just started the NBA to reproduce the style of the previous quarter Almighty paid the audience 27 points 10 rebounds and 11 assists won the season’s first three yuan with gorgeous James Harden European bearded “bearded man”. Not only does the game continue with the Street Courts courtesy of Summer Courts allowing players to continue their journey to the ground while also launching many new features:

Roster Update which Reflects Actual NBA Occasions: A list of players in the game that will synchronize the real-world 2017-18 NBA team’s latest squad player deals player retirement updates and gameplay experience for players More realistic.

Player Training System: This is the second quarter of new features. Compared with the first season players must recruit new players (collect new player card) in order to enhance the team’s combat effectiveness the second quarter can be through the gradual training of existing players improve their skills and rankings thereby enhancing the team’s ability.
Coach and Bench Players as Additional Elements: This is the second quarter of new features. For example a player who has 4 “ball” attributes for the player and a “ball” -style coach adds to the overall speed of the team and three Points shooting basket will be added by 4 points; players with different attributes by the players and coaches with a more strategic play this mechanism may also be the key countdown seconds an important factor in determining the outcome.
AI Improvements: Both artificial intelligence and the CPU will be upgraded at the same time. Some basic actions such as dribbling and shooting will significantly improve. Players can master the rhythm of the course and experience the real game as a simple game The sense of excitement
Add “Reputation”: In addition to the existing NBA Cash and NBA Coin players will be able to enhance their squad with new “reputations” Obtained after the match.

UI Changes: The menu icons will be displayed intuitively on the dashboard.

Various game modes (Battle Season League etc.) will be gradually unlocked depending on the player level. Players must reach level 2 in order to participate in the season to reach 10 in order to participate in league games.

In addition the season score (Season Score) is also the official settlement. While bench players and NBA Coin will all be zero 25 of MY TEAM’s five starting lineups (bi-directional ball defensive long shot and high marksman) Used in Legacy Live Events; All previously owned NBA Cash as well as Tickets in exchange for Ball Rating (OVR) Level Sets Can be used in the second quarter of “NBA LIVE”.

“NBA LIVE” is a smart phone game loved by basketball fans around the world. It includes all active players in 30 NBA teams and many legendary players in history. The updated version is now available on App Store and Google Play Double Platform free download. Come and enjoy the new features in the second quarter play more realistic and more fun basketball game!

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November 07, 2017

How successful is the sustainability of the NBA’s five most astonishing teams?


Monday marked the start of the fourth week of the NBA season, enough time to begin seeing trends around the league.

One focuses on a handful of teams outpacing preseason projections through their first 10 games, looking like they have a chance to prove their doubters wrong over the course of the next few months.

That’s what we’ll attempt to decipher, as we look at the five most surprising teams in the NBA in an attempt to decide whether their play can last or is a case of playing above their heads.

1. Boston Celtics
Considering Boston’s biggest question coming into the season was how good it would be defensively without Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder (and then Hayward, an excellent defender, as well), having the league’s best defense seems entirely unsustainable. If it drops off, will the fact that the team’s two young starting forwards, second-year man Jaylen Brown and rookie Jayson Tatum, have been excellent thus far, while Kyrie Irving and Al Horford have created instant pick-and-roll chemistry, be enough to offset that?

If the Celtics can keep Irving and Horford healthy, and the defense doesn’t drop off a cliff (meaning it winds up somewhere between, say, 10th and 15th overall), Boston should be able to remain near the top of the Eastern Conference — an impressive achievement given the shock of Hayward’s injury. It would also be yet another credit to Brad Stevens, who is once again earning his reputation as one of the NBA’s best coaches.

2. Detroit Pistons
The Pistons came into this season as one of the league’s most boring teams, as well as one of the hardest to judge. Would they return to where they were two years ago? Or would they disappoint, leaving open the possibility of wholesale changes?

So far, it seems like the former. Detroit is now 7-3 after wins over the Milwaukee Bucks Friday and Sacramento Kings Saturday, and is on the verge of having both a top 10 offense and defense. Reggie Jackson looks like he’s back to something close to the near all-star he was two years ago, while Andre Drummond has also rebounded. And, as anyone around the Pistons will openly tell you, how those two fare will determine just how good Detroit will be.

3. Orlando Magic
In six victories, the Magic has shot 44.2 percent from three-point range. In four losses, that percentage drops to 34.6. Over the course of 82 games, Orlando likely will wind up somewhere far closer to 34.6 percent than where it is now, which is second in the NBA (trailing only the Golden State Warriors) at an even 40 percent.

But Frank Vogel is a good coach with a strong defensive track record, and the Magic are fifth in the NBA in defense. And after years of tantalizing with his potential, Aaron Gordon looks like a new man playing full-time at power forward, carrying over his success at that spot from the end of last season while putting up the kinds of numbers (19.1 points, 8.9 rebounds and 2.3 assists while shooting over 50 percent from the field) that could place him in all-star contention.

Orlando looks capable of sneaking into one of the final playoff spots in the East, but because of its dependence on the three-point shot this early-season run will be difficult to sustain.

4. New York Knicks
There were a lot of rumblings about the job security of Knicks Coach Jeff Hornacek after New York lost its first three games. Since then, though, the Knicks have taken off, winning five of six as Kristaps Porzingis blossoms into a franchise player in his third season.

Still, it’s hard to see the Knicks sustaining this level of success. Porzingis is good enough that he might be able to drag the Knicks into the playoff race despite the lack of talent around him. But the Knicks still may have the worst point guard rotation in the league, have four centers (including Joakim Noah, who isn’t even back from suspension yet) vying for minutes next to Porzingis and an iffy wing rotation.

5. Los Angeles Lakers
All of these teams, the Lakers easily feel the most unsustainable. To begin with, they’ve already played seven games at home, winning four of them. For a young team, getting victories on the road is going to be a difficult proposition, particularly in the brutally tough Western Conference.

Beyond that, though, the numbers aren’t in Los Angeles’s favor. The Lakers are 27th in the league in offense, which seems about right. What is hard to comprehend is that they are seventh in defense.

The future looks bright in Los Angeles for plenty of reasons. Ball is a talent, Brandon Ingram has made strides, Kyle Kuzma has impressed as a rookie, and there’s cap space ahead next summer. This early start, though, feels like a mirage.