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February 26, 2016

Blade & Soul will give you totally new and challenging experience

Blade & Soul players can access the Currency Exchange in-game by pressing Ctrl+C. Players can sell gold with this system up to 1,000 gold per transaction. Multiple sell orders can be placed at a time, and that number is larger if the player has a Premium Membership, the game’s optional subscription. When selling gold, a player will not receive an amount of NCoin upon the transaction’s completion. Instead, the seller will receive a number of Hongmoon Coins which can be used in the Hongmoon Store for specific items. Moreover, the Currency Exchange takes a 10 percent cut off the seller’s Hongmoon Coin profit.

Blade & Soul ’s second content update is on its way just weeks after the first was announced. blade and soul gold Unchained will arrive on March for North America and Europe, less than a month after Rising Waters, and comes with a new class and new environments as well. As The Inquisitr reported, Blade & Soul is rather popular in the west. NCSoft, publisher of the MMORPG, boasts that over two million players just three weeks after its release in the United States and Europe.

On February 9, the game updated with the “Rising Waters” update adding content for max level players to complete. The update added the Bloodshade Harbor dungeon and its 24-player raid version, Nightshade Harbor. Additionally, the solo dungeon experience with increasing difficulty, Mushin’s Tower, also debuted with the patch. Unchained brings the much-requested Warlock class to the Jin and Lyn races. “Using mid-range abilities, the Warlock snares their enemies, executes fast and furious combos, and can then summon a massive, demonic Thrall to finish them off.

Using mid-range abilities, the Warlock snares their enemies, executes fast and furious combos, and can then summon a massive, demonic Thrall to finish them off. The mixture of dark shadowy magic and explosively vibrant techniques, the Warlock has substance, in addition to being able to dish out serious damage. Stay tuned for our Warlock class week beginning February 22 for more information on this highly anticipated new class. The next update to Blade & Soul NA/EU is due on the 2nd of March 2016. The update will include the new dungeon Naryu Labyrinth and Floor 8 of Mushin Tower. In addition to these 2, the Warlock class will become playable!

Assassin is a fast DPS class with high mobility in Blade & Soul online. Assassin’s stealth stance (invisible), allows them to move freely around their enemy without being seen. Once they are in stealth stance, movement and evasion will increase. Assassins have a few skills which allow to move instantly to enemy back. Assassin relies on their poison stacking to deal high damage to enemies. Unchained introduces the Warlock class to the Jin and Lyn races and two new content elements for all players: the Naryu Labyrinth dungeon and Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower challenge.

Naryu Labyrinth is a Heroic dungeon available in both 6-and-4-player versions, buy blade and soul gold and offers players an opportunity to challenge their combat skills in a dynamic 3-stage encounter. Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower is a new single-player Heroic encounter that puts skills to the ultimate test as players take on an ethereal manifestation of Mushin himself. For those looking to test their skill, the Naryu Labyrinth offers a dynamic 3-stage encounter designed to challenge the abilities of max level players. After each encounter, one of the doors leading to the next area of the dungeon will unlock at random—every time you enter can be a totally new and challenging experience.

February 22, 2016

Blade & Soul contain many benefits

Players can purchase the Master Pack level of Founder’s Pack for Blade & Soul. This pack includes everything the previous two packs contain in a higher quantity. Four character titles, an even larger amount of Premium Points, two name reservations, an extended booster, two character alteration vouchers, five extra character slots, and 7,200 NCoin are included. That NCoin amounts to a $90 value, and the pack also includes 90 days of Premium Membership. Additionally, the most costly pack also includes a unique head accessory, weapon skin, and costumes.

Getting around those vistas is equally enjoyable. There’s no mounts in this game. Instead, the player character is completely self-sufficient, able to float through the air, push themselves forward off of nothing, and walk on water. You can even wall dash! Finally, there’s static Dragon Pulses in each region that will launch you from place to place. buy blade and soul gold It’s one of the game’s highlights. Blade & Soul looks really good when it wants to. Blade & Soul’s plot is threadbare and mostly forgettable: You’re the last student of Hong Sokyun, master of the Hongmoon style. When your entire school is destroyed by the power hungry Jinsoyun, you’re found floating in the ocean and saved by an old war veteran.

So begins your quest to master the Hongmoon way and bring an end to Jinsoyun. That’s pretty much the outline of the quest and while the game will touch upon your true mission here and there, it’s mostly background to the leveling experience. It’s certainly not up to snuff compared to games like Final Fantasy XIV or Guild Wars 2. Within each class, there’s a ton of variety. The skill system in Blade & Soul has you spending points to customize every single one of your abilities. For example, if you’re a Kung Fu Master – my class of choice – you have five different abilities activated by hitting Tab. If you’ve chosen Flying Slam (a charge move) as your Tab ability, there’s still five Tiers of changes within that one move that you can spec for.

Perhaps, you’d like your Flying Slam to heal for the amount of damage dealt, or refresh the cooldown of other moves, or simply do more damage. That’s just changes to a single move. Even before you get to PVP, finding a good spec is a mountain’s worth of work, but it’s important if you’re going to be PVPing or doing dungeons on a regular basis. It probably doesn’t help that Blade & Soul’s Western release is plagued by poor voice acting and rough translations. Honestly, given the audience this game seems to be reaching, I think it might have been better for NCSoft just to leave the Korean voice acting in place, because it’s much, much stronger.

Then comes three dungeons: Bloodshade, Nightshade Harbor, as well as Naryu Labyrinth. In both the 4/6-player Bloodshade dungeon and the 24-player Nightshade dungeon, you’ll face off against the Battle Backgram Pirate Admiral Haemujin. The 4/6-player Naryu Labyrinth, as it sounds, has plenty of branching paths strewn across three levels, facing off against the Thunder and Wind Gods Fujin & Raijin. It’s perhaps a Final Fantasy reference; In fact, Mushin’s Tower too reminds me of the Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods. Last but not least is the Silverfrost Mountain Expansion, which continues the story with the first two parts of act four.

The increase of the level cap from 45 to 50 comes with new dungeons on a blade & soul gold new continent as well clan level increases and the ability to have clan crafting and clan uniforms. Originally, Blade & Soul was thought to release late this year, but many MMO games are often delayed to ensure a smoother launch. Blade & Soul will utilize a hybrid free-to-play model with an optional subscription and in-game store. The Premium Membership included in some of the Founder’s Packs is that optional subscription.

February 15, 2016

The latest information about FIFA 16

As important as it is to have a stout defense and a terrifying strike partnership, your midfielders will affect the game more than anyone else on the pitch. Whether it’s protecting the back line, supporting the forwards, winning the ball or scoring goals themselves, the players in the middle of the pitch are crucial to every phase of the match and a top-quality midfield will win you plenty of matches throughout the season. Many players are eager to know the release time and after much delay, we can say they’re here! The first full list of batch 1 upgrades was available at that time last Friday, so unless something drastic changes, fifa coins this is the time which you can now look forward to each Friday.

All the ingredients were there: The big, bad Americans as opponents. The referee, Benito Archundia, who would couple of dubious decisions against Canada in a World Cup qualifier back in 2004. And, of course, our natural inferiority/victim complex, that permeates any strain of existence that doesn’t involve ice skates and a slab of rubber. Perhaps most infuriating about the final outcome was that this wasn’t some slapdash collection of nobodies, punching above their weight—this Canadian team was actually good. Dwayne De Rosario was demolishing MLS, Julian de Guzman was blazing new trails in Spain, Paul Stalteri was a rock solid presence in England, Atiba Hutchinson was a rising star in Denmark, and so on.

And while #AtibaWasOnside remains, to Canadian fans, a self-flagellating reminder of that generation’s unfulfilled potential, the sentiment is also—it must be said—indisputably correct. As in, the call was wrong. Hutchinson was onside, and the goal should have counted. Now, in the outer reaches of the multiverse, where the assistant referee’s flag stayed down, maybe Canada still lost the game in extra time, or in a penalty shootout. So perhaps, in a bizarre way, the quickly-raised flag of an exhausted sideline official from Suriname did Canadian soccer fans a favor, in the long run.


The bitter result remains a rallying point to this day, a signifier that we could be the regional power we dream of being, if not for those meddling (insert malevolent external factors here). The truth is, of course, that there was no conspiracy, no grand plan to deprive Canada of its spot in the final. It was just bad luck. EA Sports has released seriously discounted Premium Gold Player Packs for this weekend. For a limited time the Premium Gold Players Pack is available for 250 FP/17,500 coins! Players will only be limited to a maximum of 10 packs. As usual, this limited time offer will only be available for Xbox and PS only.

Currently, these Premium Gold Player Packs will run throughout the Valentine’s Day weekend until Monday, February 15th. These packs will no longer be available after 6 PM UK time. For those of us without a significant other, can we spend some time with our lovely lady, FIFA, this weekend? We’ve already suggested some FIFA 16 Career mode high-potential wonderkids in another piece, but if you’re looking for a quality midfield signing that can fit straight into your first-XI, we’ve got the goods right here. So whether you need a bruising enforcer, a tricky CAM player to unlock opposing defences, or someone quick and skilful to play out wide, read on for our favourite FIFA 16 Career Mode midfielders.

Busquets has been a top signing for a while now. fifa points account Amazingly, he’s still only 27 years old, and as a more technical ball-playing midfielder, his best years are still ahead of him. He starts off at 86 overall with top-quality passing and good tackling stats too, but be aware – he’s not ideal if you’re looking for someone to break up the play, win the ball and chase down opposition attackers. He’s slow, and he won’t win many aerial battles for you. He’s in the Xabi Alonso mould of midfield anchors, so if you like to play through a deep midfielder, Busquets is a great signing.