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March 01, 2023

Where to Find and Catch the Giant Purple Toad in Hogwarts Legacy

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One of the 13 magical monsters that players can locate and seize in the Hogwarts Legacy is the Huge Purple Toad. On the game map, their lairs can be located in a number of places, mostly close to wetlands and bodies of water. We’ll cover all the essential details about huge purple toads in our Hogwarts Heritage wiki guide, including their general characteristics, where to seek for them, and what a shiny giant purple toad looks like. In order to succeed in the game, players must have enough Hogwarts Legacy Data Boosting.

Hogwarts Heritage Giant Purple Toad Location

The enormous purple toad may be discovered in Aranshire, off the coast beside the railroad tracks in Hogwarts Heritage, east of the castle. Fast travel to the nearby Floo Flame to get here. Once you reach a waterfall, grab your broomstick and follow the railroad north.


You will certainly need a grab bag if you want to catch one of these monsters. Also suggested are spells like Levioso and Arresto Momentum, which can keep toads from running away from you long enough for you to catch them.


Find the Giant Purple Toad

In order to finish Professor Howin’s quest, players must scavenge the Hogwarts Legacy universe for Diricawl and the enormous purple toad. When the aforementioned monsters are located, players must use the Nab-Sack to capture them in order to deliver them to the Room of Need.


Giant Purple Toads have nests all throughout the world, although players might find it simpler to look for the nest that is most convenient for them. Hence, if players wish to locate a lair for the gigantic purple toad, they only need to hop on a broomstick and ride a little ways north of Hogsmeade to the Northfoot Marsh.


As the player arrives to this site, they will come upon a number of enormous purple toads, but it will be difficult to catch them because most of the creatures in Hogwarts Legacy run away when approached. In certain situations, sneaking up on them may be necessary. Use the Neutralization Charm first, then perform spells like Arresto Momentum or Levioso to hold the enormous purple toad in position as you creep up on it.


The Nab-Sack should be activated when players believe they have enough time to capture the enormous purple toad. If successful, they’ll be able to capture a massive purple toad. To be able to breed both creatures in the House of Requirement, a huge purple toad of a different sex must be captured before leaving this location. To assist in locating and capturing enormous purple toads, players can use the Hogwarts Legacy Boosting Service at a low cost in-game.