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January 07, 2020

Psyonix removing loot boxes from Rocket League

A change is coming to the Rocket League store later this year, one foreshadowed by fellow Epic Games Store title Fortnite. Epic Games recently removed loot boxes from its Save the World mode. Now that change is coming to Rocket League—which Epic now owns—as well. All paid, randomized loot boxes, known as Crates, will be removed from the Rocket League storefront.

A new system will be added that “shows the exact items you’re buying in advance.” It’s not clear whether the storefront will primarily move over to individual items or bundles, but more information including timelines and rollout specifics will be released in the coming months. As for the store’s existing offers, the official blog post says that “Rocket Pass Premium, DLC Cars, and Esports Shop items will continue to be offered for direct purchase alongside our new system. In addition, Cheap Rocket League Prices is on hot sale at our website

The Blueprint system isn’t without its problems, however. When it was first introduced, players were very upset over the new item pricing. While Blueprints brought transparency that Crates didn’t, their introduction also jacked up the rates in the item store. Many felt that they were paying for the removal of loot boxes by having individual items cost double what they did before. Psyonix listened and quickly lowered the prices, hopefully ending the turmoil.

As for Epic, leaving loot boxes behind isn’t likely to hurt its bottom line any time soon. “Epic, however, could afford to get rid of loot boxes since it has found a viable alternative in the form of the battle pass,” Rogers said. “This monetization method has proven far less controversial, and battle passes were even introduced to Rocket League last year.”

We’re not likely to see the end of the loot box in games altogether, but as the industry moves toward more transparency, we may see more alternate “consumer-friendly” methods of monetization. Strategies like Epic’s battle passes have performed well and it makes sense that other publishers may seek to implement similar strategies in an effort to avoid the increasingly-controversial loot box discussion.

December 27, 2019

There are a few different ways to obtain the Cubic Diodes in Warframe

Warframe Cubic Diodes are a new resource added to the game as part of the recent Rising Tide update. In the new update, players now have the opportunity to build their own spaceships, otherwise knows as Railjacks. In these player-built beasts you can take part in ship-to-ship battles with a real-life crew.

But, before you reach for your ship captain hat, you need to build it first—which you can do by progressing the Warframe Rising Tide quest—and unfortunately for you, you need to find the parts. That’s where collecting Warframe Cubic Diodes come in. First, you’ll need to build a dry dock, but once that’s constructed, you can start searching for materials. So, without further ado, here’s how to get one of the most precious new Warframe Railjack resources, and fast. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Warframe Platinum For Sale.

A great mission to play is the Dark Sector Defense on the Larzec node. As you get into the later Rotations, Eximus spawns will become more common. If you happen to have a Kuva Lich after you, and they have some nodes on Europa, it can also be a good idea to run missions on them, as Eximus units will be a bit more common in these missions. Keep in mind, the Lich can take resources from you if they control a node, and this includes your Cubic Diodes.

If you happen to have a Kuva Lich after you, and they have some nodes on Europa, it can also be a good idea to run missions on them, as Eximus units will be a bit more common in these missions. Keep in mind, the Lich can take resources from you if they control a node, and this includes your Cubic Diodes.

Cubic Diodes will also be affected by the Resource Booster that doubles your resources pickups, but we don’t know if the drops are affected by farming Warframes or Smeeta Kavata at this time. All Eximus units seem to drop between five and ten Cubic Diodes on death, however.

December 09, 2019

Rise of Civilizations let player taking the reins of a burgeoning empire

It’s natural to assume that small screens mean small games. While PC gamers get huge, epic, sprawling experiences like Civilization, mobile gamers get slick and superficial strategy titles like Clash Royale. Rise of Civilisations drives an armored chariot through this outdated model. It may take place on the small screen, but its scope is seemingly boundless.

Rise of Civilizations sees you taking the reins of a burgeoning empire, giving you the choice of Rome, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan and Korea. You start with a modest walled city with very little in it, but as you upgrade your City Hall and the buildings around it you unlock more building types. Upgrading these lets you upgrade your City Hall in turn, making more building types available, and so on.
Eventually you’ll have a farm, an archery range, a workshop, a barracks, a lumber mill, an academy, and many more buildings besides. Between them they keep your people sheltered, fed, trained, educated, armed, healthy, safe, and prosperous. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Rise of Kingdoms Resources For Sale.

Upgrading buildings takes time, but you can speed up the process with consumable cards. You have to exercise a little bit of restraint with these, since you don’t have an unlimited supply, but you have enough that you can expedite a few building, training, and research periods per session, allowing you to get some good progress out of a quick game. Of course, this just covers the very basics of attending to your own city. Zoom out and you’ll discover a staggeringly huge game world. Your city is just a tiny dot in a vast region, which itself just one of nine regions, separated by mountain ranges and accessible through pathways that you need to find with your scouts.

Rise of Civilizations also has its own exhaustive alliance system, complete with messaging. Joining an alliance gives you access to communal assets such as research, alliance gifts, and earnings from resources. It also lets you call on alliance members for assistance in completing research, building, and training projects in your city. Naturally, you can help the alliance too, by pledging your troops in wars, contributing to research costs, and so on.

November 01, 2019

Torchlight 2 is heading to consoles in September

Superb action-RPG Torchlight 2 is making its way to Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 starting 3rd September, courtesy of well-regarded porting studio Panic Button. Torchlight 2, which was developed by the sadly now defunct Runic Games, initially launched for PC in 2012, and this year’s release marks the game’s console debut. It’s highly recommended too, with its captivating dungeon-crawling, class-based hack-and-slash action, and vibrant, lovingly crafted world proving utterly delightful.

Originally launching on PC back in 2012, Torchlight II invites adventure-seekers to pick their way through multiple randomly-generated dungeons as one of four unique classes. Choosing either the steampunk-powered Engineer, animal-loving Beserker, master of the arcane arts; the Embermage or the mysterious range Outlander. Players will work their way through increasingly difficult stages, bagging new weapons, gear and loot while fending out unfathomable swarms of beasties. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Torchlight 2 Gold at by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

“Torchlight II invites adventurers to Vilderan, a sprawling continent filled with monsters and adventure at every turn. Like the original Torchlight game, the sequel sets itself apart from other action RPGs with a charming art style, frantic combat, signature pet system and deep character customization. The console version retains these signature mechanics while adding enhanced controls, an improved targeting system and a new interface designed specifically with console gamers in mind. Players will also discover updated achievements and trophies to earn through gameplay, plus brand new pets making their debut exclusively on console. In addition, Nintendo Switch users will have the opportunity to play Torchlight II with their friends via wireless play, allowing up to four players to connect multiple Nintendo Switch consoles together via a local wireless connection.”

It’s got bright and exciting visuals. It’s got humor. It’s got pets. It’s got cool spells and weapons. Most importantly, it’s got tons of enemies for you to viciously murder with your friends. Who would want hack and slash any other way? The game’s been out for a while on PC, so console players will be happy to hear that all of that game’s main and DLC content will be making its way over in the port. Better still, it’s said some exclusive pets will be included as well. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Torchlight 2 Items from at a reasonable price.

November 01, 2019

Aika Online gets new content during Halloween

Aika Online is a game that won three awards, including best game, at the 2009 Korea Game Awards, and is considered one of the most traditional MMORPGs in the world. Possessing a legion of passionate fans in Brazil, Aika Online is focused on PvP modes, where players can participate in quests and events, form guilds and engage in battles of up to 1000 vs 1000. By the way, is the professional AIKA Online (ID) Gold store. We promise that our gold is 100% safe and cheapest.

Ongame Entertainment today announced the arrival of the Halloween spirit to its two successful free MMORPGs, Metin2 and Aika Online. Both events are already active and will bring some of the traditional Halloween celebration to the games this week and next.

In Aika Online, to celebrate the long-awaited Halloween, players will receive triple experience and honor, and double the determination coins by November 1st. In addition, as part of the “Halloween Invocations” event, all wooden chests on all maps will be replaced by mysterious tombs.

According to information released by Ongame, the Coffins with Souls chests, once opened, release a number of unique items. However, a dangerous Ancestral Soul that attacks players may emerge, making things difficult. During the witch season, the so-called Executing Wizard also rounds all the maps. Facing it will not be an easy task, but once defeated, it guarantees the “Executing Legion Emblem” which can be exchanged for a number of items. If you want to Buy AIKA Online (ID) Items, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

Aika Online is a PvP-focused MMORPG developed by JoyImpact. Participate in massive battleground fights between hundreds of players to obtain magical artifacts. Wrestle for territorial control with other nations and complete a variety of missions. When not participating in the Nation Wars, players can complete over a thousand quests, raise a pet, craft, and conquer dungeons in the enormous world of Arcan. Pick from half a dozen different classes and a significant amount of unique abilities to reign over both other players and fierce monsters. But you don’t have to go alone, take a companion known as a Pran with you on your many adventures. Raise your Pran from a child to adulthood and along the way she will change based on how you treat her.

October 16, 2019

Roblox, an online game popular with children

cheap robux Roblox a popular online game that has more than 100 million active users worldwide and is popular with children. While such disturbing user names profiles and content in Roblox aren’t new they got renewed attention from this woman’s tweets.

Roblox started in 2005 with just 100 players and has since grown into a game-creation tool that makes its developers millions and attracts a hugely devoted fanbase.

The premise is simple: Minecraft meets game development. So players can collaboratively come together to not only create worlds to explore with blocks but also develop entire games using the Roblox Studio. As such Roblox isn’t just one ‘game’ like Minecraft but a shared platform for millions of user-created games.
Roblox like Minecraft allows users to create avatars and virtual worlds for those characters to roam around in. While most people use the game’s platform to create fun innocuous characters robux for sale some have used it to try to spread hateful messages. The game has become yet another frontier in the ongoing battle over content moderation and appropriate lines of speech on private platforms that are now often spaces where people congregate.

Much like Minecraft before it Roblox targets a younger age group but there’s plenty of online evidence to suggest that this is a platform that parents love to play with their kids too. Running through a list of Roblox games would take all day with every genre from adventure to murder mystery to action to racing covered but we’re comfortable saying that you will absolutely find something that entertains you regardless of taste. offer Cheap Roblox Robux for gamers with 100% Safety Guarantee for all platforms. Buy Safe Roblox Robux for Sale for your Jailbreak and other hot games.

September 30, 2019

WoW Classic: Loot, Ninja and Improvised Court at Stormwind

WOW Classic Gold US Many players of the Kromcrush server gathered Tuesday September 10 2019 to judge a player accused of stealing a loot at the Depths of Blackrock. The sentence probably did not entertain him surely as much as the player to whom he stole the loot in question!

The story is fascinating though rather short. A WoW Classic player indeed reported on Tuesday September 10 2019 to have witnessed one of the most spectacular scene: a court held at Stormwind’s Dwarves’ Quarter on the Kromcrush server to judge a player who had stolen a booty at the Blackrock Depths.
The story begins on the server Kromcrush (English – PvP) Alliance side. A small group of players composed themselves to go on an expedition to the Blackrock Depths an excessively long and grueling instance that players from level 52 to around 60 search for easily obtainable experience points cheap WOW Classic US Gold or powerful loots such as the formidable Hand of Justice Hostefer the Ring of Flames or the Wild Gladiator’s Ring of Rings.

And it is precisely this last object that has created one of the most unfortunate and extraordinary events in World of Warcraft. It was indeed after the defeat of Gorosh the Dervish one of the 6 bosses randomly appearing in the Circle of the Law the arena of this instance that the fearsome Wild Gladiator’s Ringmail appeared in the loot distribution tool.

This is one of the best pre-raid torsos for Warriors Hunters and Shamans and is therefore highly coveted by players in these classes. Yes but here it is an epic object so it stirs the lust of robbers loots the “ninjas”. The Robber of the group played his role perfectly since he made a Need roll on this object that he can not wear (since it is Mesh and Thieves wear only the Fabric and Leather ) and won!

It could have stopped there as often but no the group complained about this player on the Canal World of his server and managed to regroup a huge amount of players (in addition to the accused) in the neighborhood Stormwind Dwarves to judge this loot thief in public place.

The image is most improbable and fascinating: seated and attentive players playing their role perfectly by offering different and varied sentences Void Walkers of Warlock playing the role of vigils … All this in a good atmosphere!

But the outcome did not make the thief in question laugh so much since he decided to remove the object in question from the assembly and eventually escaped the improvised “court of law”. The sentence was not long: all the players present (and many others thereafter) have agreed on the sentence reserved for this type of player: everyone added it in his list Ignored players (Blacklist).

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September 27, 2019

Classic has multiplied the number of World of Warcraft subscribers

Vanilla WOW Gold One month after the release of the World of Warcraft Classic we can now say that the official re-release of the famous MMORPG has been successful. The game is still one of the most viewed titles on Twitch (which is quite a performance alongside MOBAs and battle royals) but what is even more telling is the market research Superdata report for August this year.

According to the site the number of WoW subscribers increased by 223% during the month and after the release of Classic compared to July. However this information was supplemented by the fact that the game’s revenue for August this year did not reach the level it had brought to the Battle for Azeroth supplement a year earlier. Of course this is understandable because with the modern version of WoW you have to pay for the add-on as well as the subscription while for the Classich you only have to pay the monthly fee.
Superdata’s analysis also revealed that in August Pokémon GO took the lead in the mobile market revenue list ($ 176 million a month) while consoles still hold Fortnite and PCs Dungeon Fighter Online ( Korean fighting game) are at the forefront. Madden’s NFL 20 console digital sales have been a bit weaker than last year’s cheap Vanilla WOW Gold and this year’s NBA 2K is not growing as much in-game cash as it was last year.

As for the future of World of Warcraft players are currently waiting for PVP content and higher level raids to arrive (that is those who were able to pull a 60 character in this amount of time …) but Blizzard still hasn’t betrayed when to expect them.

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September 25, 2019

WoW Classic: Asmongold hosts PvP tournament with $ 40,000 prize money

WOW Classic Power Leveling On the Twitch streaming platform well-known WoW streamer Asmongold recently announced that he would like to host a major PvP tournament in WoW Classic. Already he has found sponsors who want to throw $ 40,000 into the price pot. But this is just the beginning according to Asmongold. There will be much more to come so his promise.

“There are a lot of people that thought this tournament was really really good,” the streamer said. “There are even some people that thought it was so good that they’re probably gonna give us $40,000 in prize money to give out in these tournaments.”
The Well-Known WoW Streamer (Buy Now for $ 12.99) Asmongold has been level 60 in WoW Classic for some time (and obviously enjoyed the ensuing celebration in Stormwind) the Molten Core and Onyxia’s Hoard are mastered – so what to do to satisfy the lust of the starving people for spectacle?buy WOW Classic Boosting Even the Romans knew that there can only be one answer to this question: bread and games!

The tournament will take place on Faerlina the “streamer server” where Asmongold and other Twitch’s broadcasters play on. And while the streamer commented that the prize pool is set at $40,000 he explained that it could potentially double.

All players who have not yet reached level 60 on their server should keep up so the streamer on. “Tryout” rounds and the registration phase should start soon. “The tournament will be huge the event” beep “fantastic,” said Asmongold. Of course not every WoW player can do anything with PvP duels. For all PvE fans Asmongold wants to run a running competition in parallel  with a separate prize pot. And those who are not on Faerlina can admire gladiatorial combat via Twitch. Ave Caesar morituri te salutant!

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August 19, 2019

Blizzard helps old WoW players find each other easier through WoW reunion forums

World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard’s legacy edition of its hit MMO that rewinds the years back to version 1.12 of Azeroth from 2004, is releasing in just three weeks time as a free update to anyone with a WoW subscription, and – to quote Illidan himself – you are not prepared. Blizzard itself, however, is badgering away at making sure launch day is as smooth as it can be come August 27, and has even gone out of its way to reconnect old players returning to WoW who may want to party up with their former raiding friends and relive the experience together.

Introduced still very recently, Blizzard has launched a forum tool called Classic Connections 2004 – 2006. It’s simple to use, as all players have to do is first select either Horde or Alliance (the two main factions from the original game), then what type of server they were on – PVE, PVP, role-playing PVE, or role-playing PVP. After picking their server, they just post who they were and wait to see if they recognize any of their old comrades or are recognized themselves. Blizzard has recommended that players share their old character name, race, class and guild for better results, as well as any names of other players that they want to find and chat with again.
It’s a cool idea, and I’m glad Blizzard’s doing it. That said, the company hasn’t done a great job of publicizing it so far, and it shows. When I first learned about the tool, I made a beeline to the section for my old server, Thunderlord. It was never the most popular server, but I was hoping to see one or two familiar faces on its Classic Connections page. Instead, it was a ghost town, with just nine posts as of this publishing. I got a nostalgic dopamine boost from recognizing a couple ancient guild names, but otherwise, I came away from the reanimated skeleton of my teenage years with more questions than answers.

This is kinda the point of Classic, because it’s not really the same without the other players you experienced it with the first time around. In my World of Warcraft Classic preview back in May, production director Patrick Dawson told me that it was the old guilds and players wanting to reunite that clamoured for the vanilla servers, giving Blizzard the push to create them. Moreover, provides Cheap World of Warcraft Classic Items for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.