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January 31, 2023

Valheim: How to Stew Venison


Players of Valheim spend a lot of time exploring the game’s vast spaces in quest of resources, with some of them concentrating on locating food like venison. A Valheim dish that can be made early on in the game is venison stew. Players can learn how to make this dish by gathering some basic components. One of the greatest foods to create before visiting the swamp biome is venison stew. The player can prepare enough Valheim Items in the game by following this guide’s instructions on how to cook venison in Valheim.


How to Cook Deer Stew Recipe in Valheim

The first recipe the player creates by mixing several ingredients is for venison stew, which can only be prepared in a cauldron. The consequences of the recipes will vary depending on the sort of components used. Valheim’s Mistlands biome adventures will provide you with a wealth of additional recipes. However, because its ingredients might be expensive, venison stew is still a useful food.


Raw material:

Cooked Venison x 1

blueberry x 1

Carrot x 1




Max Health + 45

Max Stamina + 15


The second element that players receive while traveling is blueberries. Similar to raspberries, they can be picked from bushes in the Dark Forest biome. The third component in venison stew is more difficult to locate than the first two. Only carrot seeds can be used to grow carrots. These can be acquired by players while searching for blueberries in the Black Forest. Once obtained, the explorer must work the soil and plant seeds in Valheim with the cultivator. The whole growth of a carrot takes around two days of play.


Making a cauldron is the penultimate step before stewing the venison. Tin, which may be mined in the Black Forest, is used to make this. The first boss, Eikthyr, must be eliminated for the player to construct an antler pickaxe. To create deer stew, combine cooked venison, blueberries, and carrots in a big pot. 10 can be stacked in one inventory space. Before approaching any hazardous biomes in Valheim, players need remember to apply all of their food buffs.


Benefits of Valheim Venison Stew

It is a good choice for you to eat venison stew because it will provide you an improvement in health and stamina for about 20 minutes. Particularly when you’re first starting off in the game.


It’s worth spending some time making some stews before you start learning how to smelt ferrous scrap metal so that you are ready for your next adventures. Additionally, you can prepare enough Valheim Resources at to prepare ingredients.

January 29, 2023

Valheim: How to Get the Wolf Armor

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Adventurers will need Frost Resistance to withstand the freezing conditions of the Valheim Mountains. This status effect can be acquired momentarily through a particular mead or permanently by wolf armor. Valheim explorers must collect the materials required to create the armor in order to unlock Wolf Armor. These components originate in mountain biomes. In order to unlock wolf armor in Valheim, users must have enough in-game Valheim Items. This article will explain how to do so.


How to Unlock the Wolf Armor in Valheim

In Valheim, you must gather all the required armor components and create them at a workbench in order to unlock the Wolf Armor Set. A total of six materials—Silver, Wolf Pelt, Wolf Fang, Drake Trophy, Wolf Trophy, and Chain—are required to make the full set. Metal ingots made from silver ore in the smelter are the first resource. In mountain biomes, silver deposits are frequently found at high altitudes. These nodes are frequently where drakes spawn.


But finding the silver is only half the battle. Wolf pelts are also required for the creation of wolf armor. You most likely already have a couple of them gathered because they are rather simple to find. Simply go to any mountain habitat and search for roving wolves to find wolf pelts. Keep healing potions on hand for these strong foes, and use enhanced weapons like the Hunter’s Bow and Ironhead Arrow to take them out from a distance.


A wolfskin cloak can be made and worn to grant players a Frost Resistance bonus, enabling them to explore the mountains without worrying about getting the Frost debuff if they venture into biomes unprepared.


How to Craft Wolf Armor in Valheim

Wolf armor is challenging to make; to obtain the pelts needed to make armor sets, the player must grind down numerous wolves. In addition, players will also need to locate Silvers, which will be quite challenging if you haven’t already beaten the third boss in the game. Let’s examine how much each piece of wolf armor costs to craft:


Drake Helmet:

20 silver

2 wolf pelts

2 Drake Trophies


Wolf Armor Box:

20 silver

2 wolf pelts

1 chain


Wolf Legs:

20 silver

5 wolf pelts

4 Wolf Fang


Wolf fur cloak:

6 wolf pelts

4 silver

1 Wolf Trophy


Total Materials Required:

64 silver

12 wolf pelts

4 Wolf Fang

2 Drake Trophies

1 chain

1 Wolf Trophy


Many silver coins are needed to purchase an armor suit. We strongly advise purchasing the Wishbone first (the item that drops after defeating the third Boss Bonemass.) You’ll be able to see the Silver Veins and the underground wealth thanks to the Wishbone. Mountain biomes are the ideal places to use wishbones to find silver. If you grind wolves and dragons in the same environment, you can fast obtain other goods.


Make a lot of frost resistance potions if you don’t already have any frost armor. If you are unprepared, you risk freezing to death in the alpine biome, which is quite dangerous. To obtain more wolf armor, players must also purchase Valheim Resources from