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February 06, 2023

How to Get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Players can explore Disney Dreamlight Valley, interact with various game characters, and gather a variety of resources. These resources can then be traded in for game currency and rewards. While most ingredients may be found by simply searching the environment, others need to be unlocked by completing a series of tasks. Coconut, a component that can only be found in Moana Kingdom, is one of the ingredients. In order to prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts for the game, this article will teach users how to obtain coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


How to Get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Similar to how coconuts are utilized in real life, the tropical fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a delectable dessert ingredient. Coconut-based dishes will eventually necessitate the completion of specific Dreamlight Duties, Star Path Duties, and client orders within Chez Remy. There are many ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and cooking them replenishes some of the energy. There are eight Disney Dreamlight Valley biomes, and each one has a distinct set of elements that may be found there.


Gathering resources is a crucial part of Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay because it enables players to create things, prepare meals, and finish critical objectives. The Coconut is one resource that the player must first acquire by completing a highly special set of quests. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, where they will naturally grow on coconut trees near Dazzling Beach, coconuts can be permanently unlocked.


The player must first speak with Moana in order to proceed. You may have found that occasionally, characters’ worlds and their corresponding locations are closed and can only be reached by going to the virtual Dreamlight Castle. To unlock Coconut, do the following actions:


You must first visit Dreamlight Castle and open the Kingdom of Moana. Remember that it will cost you 3000 coins to unlock kingdoms.

After the realm is unlocked, Moana will help you with a number of quests. Finish these missions to return Moana to Dreamlight Valley.

You must now go back to the Kingdom of Moana.

Interact with Maui by finding him on the Realm. Maui will give you a list of things to perform on the island after a brief conversation.

You can also bring Maui back to the Valley of Dreams after finishing these chores.

The following step is to raise your friendship with Maui to level 2. Now, if you talk to him, you’ll receive the task “Bury the Eel” to complete.

To complete this quest, gather cork and worms to create eel traps. Put the traps you’ve collected all around the dock area.

This will assist you in catching the eels required to finish this quest. Once an eel has been caught, you must bury it in the sand by digging a hole.

The eel will eventually develop into a coconut tree, which can then be planted to produce coconuts. Following the completion of this task, coconut trees will begin to gently spawn along the beach, and you are free to gather as many coconuts as you like from them.


The above is the specific guide on how to get coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players can buy cheap Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in to help get more coconuts.