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November 09, 2021

Here are how to complete the Rulebreakers Parejo SBC in FIFA 22

EA Sports is trying to keep the FIFA Ultimate Team experience fresh for veteran players while enticing those on the fence to jump into the frantic world of card collecting and squad building in FIFA 22, with Rulebreakers making a comeback following their debut last year.

The FIFA 22 Rulebreakers promo continues, with Villareal’s Dani Parejo the latest player to join the ranks of game-breaking cards.

Rulebreakers is the promo where EA Sports and the FIFA 22 team can completely change how a player functions in-game by giving them massive boosts in key areas. The Dani Parejo card they dropped into Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) on November 6 is maybe the best example of this. They’ve given the elder statesman an eye-watering +37 to his pace stat, making him one of the best versions of Parejo we’ve ever seen in FUT.

Here’s how to complete the Rulebreakers Parejo SBC in FIFA 22:
Segment 1

Rulebreakers Players: Min. 1
Squad Rating: 83
Team Chemistry: 75
# of Players in the Squad: 11
REWARD: Premium Electrum Players Pack

Segment 2

# of Players from La Liga Santander: Min. 1
Team of the Week Players: Min. 1
Squad Rating: 85
Team Chemistry: 65
# of Players in the Squad: 11
REWARD: Rare Mixed Players Pack

EA massively increased Parejo’s Pace (+37) and somewhat upgraded his Dribbling (+4), Physical (+3), Shooting (+2), and Defending (+2) when you compare this new card to his 86-rated gold version. The devs decreased his Passing (-5), though, because of the promo.

Parejo Rulebreakers – Stats
The Dani Parejo Rulebreakers has a +2 OVR compared to its base card, becoming a more rounded player in the process.

While some of his high stats that hit the 90s like Short, Long Passing, or Free Kick Taking take a hit, he becomes an incredibly faster player, receiving a +38 increase in Acceleration (90) and +36 Sprint Speed (86).

Some other notable improvements include +17 to Agility (80), +9 to balance (81), and +6 to Stamina (84).

Rulebreakers Parejo expires Nov. 13 at 1 p.m. ET.

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