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October 10, 2018

Com2uS Summoners War Cumulative Downloads to Exceed 90 Million All over the World

Summoners War the cumulative download volume in the world has exceeded 90 million. It has been running in the front of the world mobile game for a long time. A strategic update for all players? Create a solid theme model and achieve amazing results in the East and West markets. 100 million downloads are just around the corner, once again proving the magic call global brand reputation and development potential.

The Summoners War continues to update new content, step by step to success with rich, high-quality themes and stable service. The large-scale theme of guild warfare, the gap between the outside world and world arena was updated in stages, attracting a large number of loyal fans of global role-playing mobile games. The recent launch of the ‘guild occupation war’ has greatly improved the fighting fun. There is also a combat guide for new players all-round and considerate all players.

Summoners War The Cumulative

Continuous progress through strategic theme updates. In the past year, the number of game sales in 18 regions has reached the first place. As of now, the game sales in 71 countries have reached the first place, and the game sales in 129 countries have been ranked in the top 10. The player will play as a summoner to enter the sky arena that surrounds the magic crystal, summoning the magical spirits to form an army, and launch an epic summoning battle with other summoners.

In Summoners War: Sky Arena, each player will get an island of their own sky, free to build and arrange various buildings on the island, and explore the secrets of Sky Island through adventures and underground city exploration. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use SWSA Account, you can get hold of us at our own web page. The devil is the player’s most powerful assistant. Both the combat PK and the defense enemy need to use their power. Players can use the summon scroll to collect up to 400 magic spirits.

The devil is divided into five major attributes: fire, water, wind, light and dark. In addition to gaining experience value upgrades in combat, you can also use the enhanced system to evolve from one star to six stars, and even collect rare materials. The devil is awakened, and after awakening, not only has his own name and powerful skills, but his appearance has become very dazzling.

The combat mode is the turn-based system that everyone is familiar with. Players can choose 3-5 magic spirits to form a team. Each magic spirit has 2-3 skills. When the attack bar is full, you can choose to launch the attack. It is designed to design a large number of active, passive, cursed and other types of skills to make the battle very strategic, and the same magic can also change and enhance the attributes by equip different runes, so that each player can be personalized the cultivation of your own magic spirit, the ever-changing combination makes the battle very exciting and interesting.

In fact, the game combines the fashion of Japan and South Korea with the cutting-edge of European and American styles in the picture. The picture style of Q version and 3D is very appetizing for the people of the country. Whether it is the color scheme or the character model, it is very fresh and exquisite. The animations during the battle are extremely rich, and the transition from the lens to the close-up rendering is very sensational, making the battle dynamic.