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August 20, 2020

“EVE Echoes” has started distribution overseas

EVE Echoes InterStellar Kredits NetEase Games and CCP Games delivered a new smartphone app “EVE Echoes” (iOS / Android) overseas on 13th August 2020

The original Eve Online was released in 2003. The main features of the MMO are a vast open world and a free economic system that users form.

In mobile EVE: Echoes 8000 solar systems and over 100 unique spaceships await players. During the beta test EVE Online Mobile ISK for sale the developers added a new faction The Yan-Jung as well as introduced a system of corporations in which players can join together to explore space.

Note that the currently supported languages ​​are English Russian Chinese German French Spanish and Portuguese. Localization development for South Korea and Japan at the foot of CCP Games’ parent company Pearl Abyss has not been announced so far.

Eve Echoes is a multiplayer space simulator. According to the plot the events of the game take place in a parallel universe but the developers promise to implement all the key features of Eve Online in the mobile spin-off. According to the authors of the game Eve Echoes will have more than 8 thousand star systems a free economy and developed social mechanics.

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