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January 19, 2019

Get Icon Cards From SBC, Packs in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode

Icon cards, as the name suggested, it’s a kind of IF cards given to honorable FIFA World Cup players, with stats and overall rating boost in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team mode. If you get one or two Icon cards for your squad, your lineup will be much different from other players, it’s a kind of honor and will increase your confidence. Introduced in FIFA 14 as Legends, ICONs have become some of the best and most popular players in FIFA Ultimate Team, and FIFA 19 promises to be no different.


More than a dozen new legendary players have been added to FIFA 19, including England midfield duo Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. You can go to FIFA 19 official website to have a full check of Icons in FIFA 19.


Five Ways to Get FIFA 19 Icon Cards


There are numerous ways to add ICONs to your Ultimate Team, but they will still be difficult to acquire in FIFA 19 due to their high ratings and ability to generate good chemistry links with players of any league or nationality.


To complete the SBC for the Icon Cards requires great number of player cards, gamers need to buy lots of cards from transfer market, it’s a great chance for you to overprice your unwanted cards for extra profits. For example, if a SBC require certain nationality or team players, target players will be very few. We can help you to buy Cheap FIFA 19 Points with 100% Safety. Now you can use the 3% coupon “pointssale”.


It’s a new trick played by EA Sports to raise money from players’ pocket, and gamers are willing to hand in their money to the video game company as well. These packs can be bought with in-game currency or FIFA Points. Due to the fact that these players are such iconic superstars, they’re very rare to obtain within the packs. Some gamers may find themselves pulling their hair out as they go through pack after pack without ever pulling an Icon SBC player card. That can get expensive and frustrating. Prime ICONs are now all available from the very start of the season and are available both in packs and through SBC.

FIFA 19 Icons

Versions found in packs are sellable on the Transfer Market, while SBC rewards are untradeable and often require multiple special cards (Team of the Week, Man of the Match, etc.) to be submitted to complete their challenges.


How to Make FIFA 19 Coins from Icon Cards

Luckily, there’s one other option: doing the Prime Icon Squad Building Challenges. A Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is a single player mode in FIFA 19 where you’ll have to build up a squad based on a particular theme or objective. Once you’ve done that, you can earn FIFA 19 coins or an SBC player card, or Prime Icons set in the game.


It’s impossible to trade your Icon Cards in Transfer Market, but you can still make money from it. If you are lucky enough to get some Icon Cards from packs or events in FUT 19, you can sell your FIFA 19 Account to others who want to play with brand-new Icon Cards. You can rent your account to others, although it’s risky, but you can remain your recovery code to keep the ownership in your hand as always.