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March 04, 2016

We never stop find the new things in NBA

The NBA 2K series is widely lauded for being the best, most accurate sports game; it’s far more a sports simulation than an arcade-style sports game. The series is loaded with features, from a general manager sim where you control the business-oriented aspects of running a basketball team, to a custom sneaker creator, to story campaign where you begin from the draft and play through your entire career. nba 2k16 mt coins  Though NBA 2K is recognized for being a phenomenally accurate sim (not counting that one time Spike Lee directed the story campaign), the developers are having a lot of trouble accurately simulating the NBA’s reigning MVP.

CARMELO is considerably simpler than PECOTA, however. It has fewer bells and whistles. It projects each player’s playing time and overall value on offense and defense, but not his component statistics.2 The simplicity is partly by design. We think CARMELO gets the basics right and will be a fun and revealing way to explore the NBA. But we’d like to see how it does before complicating the model further. “You gotta make sure that you move them and don’t get caught up in all the switching,” Stevens said. “

I think one of the biggest things about playing against switching is you have the tendency to isolate and slow down. And if you can move, move, move and put bigs in help—and obviously they don’t have a lot of bigs—and then guards guarding down low after the ball is moving, it’s a lot more difficult to defend.” A potential Western Conference Finals preview, the 54-5 Golden State Warriors look to make a bit more NBA history when they host the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors and Thunder met twice last month, with Golden State edging OKC in both contests by a combined 11 points. Last weekend’s overtime thriller might have been the most compelling game of the season, but the Warriors have a bit more business to take care of Thursday night.

The Dubs currently are sitting on 43 consecutive home wins, one shy of the all-time NBA record set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. CARMELO originated out of work I did for a 2014 article about the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony. Hence the name, CARMELO, which my colleague Neil Paine (our senior sports writer) and I later developed into a silly backronym (Career-Arc Regression Model Estimator with Local Optimization). But the real inspiration for CARMELO is PECOTA, a system I built for Baseball Prospectus in 2003 to forecast the careers of baseball players.

I’ve been thinking about developing a “PECOTA for basketball” for more than a decade and, thanks to help from Neil, Allison McCann (one of our visual journalists) and the rest of my FiveThirtyEight colleagues, we’ve finally gotten around to it. OAKLAND – An identity is something that every NBA team tries to build over the course of an 82-game season, and as the Thunder enters the final quarter of the year, playing its own brand of basketball consistently will be essential. “We were really good in the first half,” Donovan said. nba 2k16 vc coins “We played great defense and protected the paint and limited them to one shot.”

If you wanted to say what kind of identity I want our basketball team to play to, it would be exactly what took place in the first half,” Donovan continued. What do you get when you combine a massive new $24 billion television contract, a nearly six-year bull market in equities creating tremendous wealth, and cheap credit? You get a massive rise in sports franchise values, with the NBA serving as ground zero for the current boom. The average NBA team is now worth $1.1 billion, 74% more than last year. It is the biggest one-year gain since Forbes began valuing teams in the four major U.S. sports leagues in 1998.